Group Coaching

Group Coaching Is Vastly Superior To The 1-on-1 Model

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If you’re a coach, consultant or high value entrepreneur who’s working with clients one-on-one and not in a group coaching setting…you know what I’m talking about. One-On-One “Done For You’” client work is not scalable, and in a lot of cases will leave you mentally and physically drained. Let’s say you’re a freelance SEO Consultant who works with medium sized businesses …

Pt.1: The “Internet Marketing Gurus” Don’t Care About Your Success.. (Sorry)

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Tough message today, but, it’s gotta be said as it’s something that has personally cost me a ton of time and hard dollars. I’ll get right to the point quick. Does everyone know the, “Internet Marketing Gurus” that I’m referring to? You know, the ones that spend a million dollars a month on Facebook ads and they follow you all …

Why Be The Hyundai Of Your Niche When You Can Be The Porsche?

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Extremely important blog post today. This mindset change has been extremely important for me, and it’s something that consistently comes up when I’m working with new coaching clients. This mindset change works in every industry and works whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers. If you’re going to be working with clients (and let’s assume you are since you’re reading this), why …