Make Your Move TODAY!

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I haven’t banged out a solid inspirational post in a bit so here it is. Is today the day that you find clarity in your business and make your move? Seriously, is it? It’s really, really easy to go through the motions in your business, especially if you’ve been doing the same things for a while and have really become set …

How Much Per Application

How Much Do You Pay Per New Client Application?

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I love to keep things simple in my life and especially in my business. Most times, I’ve found that the complex and, “advanced” is really just unnecessary and confusing. Especially when it comes to online marketing and advertising. Keeping with that theme, there are only a few key metrics that I actively monitor and look to optimize in my business. …

Get Started: My Complete Sales Funnel In 506 Words & 5 Pictures

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Here is a top level look at the complete sales funnel for my Premium Clients Every Day coaching program in May of 2016. This simple and infinitely scalable marketing funnel only has five components and allows me to turn completely cold traffic into high value clients within 48-72 hours. My Complete Five Step Marketing Funnel: Facebook Ad Webinar Landing Page Live Premium Clients Every Day 45 Minute Webinar Invitation To Apply & Schedule …


Make A Move: Most People Won’t!

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Warning…Warning…Warning, a bunch of tough love is about to be written. Fact: Most people will never take the action necessary to build a successful lifestyle as an entrepreneur. Simple as that. I see it every….single…day. In Facebook groups, on my strategy session calls, in meet ups I attend, and for a long, long time, in my own life and business. 95% of entrepreneurs …