Downtime In Your Business

The Power & Necessity Of Downtime In Your Business

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Making sure you have sufficient and consistent downtime in your business is one of the most productive things you can do. As a dedicated entrepreneur who is focused on growing new business, I totally understand how it’s sometimes hard to “take a break from working on your business” or to “disconnect your business from your lifestyle.” It’s not uncommon for …

Set big business goals

Set Big Goals In Your Business & Hit Them!

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One of the first things I work with my Premium Clients Every Day students on immediately after they enroll is to set a big and seemingly “unachievable” short term income goal for their business. If you’re going to be in business anyway, you might as well set your income goals high and build out a plan to try to hit those goals …

Number Of Calls Conducted

The Only Metric I Care About Is Number Of Calls Conducted

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If you follow the “online marketing gurus” or try to stay current and informed on what metrics you supposedly should be testing and improving in your business, your head may just spin off onto the floor and I don’t blame you. Every day I see an “online expert” talking about the “most important metrics in your business NOW” or “what you need to …

Get Incredible Client Results

It’s Not About You, It’s About Getting Incredible Client Results!

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As a coach, consultant or high value service entrepreneur, you need to be crystal clear on exactly why your ideal clients want to work with you. It’s not because of who you are, your personality or anything at all to do with you or your business. Your ideal clients want to work with you strictly because they believe you can provide …

A Premium Entrepreneurs Checklist

If You’re Not Quite Sure If You’re A Premium Entrepreneur

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I speak to a ton of potential Premium Clients Every Day program enrollees who really want to significantly raise their prices and develop a premium offering in their businesses, but, they’re just not sure if what they do is “worth it” or they’re very nervous to take the plunge and multiply their pricing and value. A lot of my current students, before …

Premium Entrepreneur

Premium Programs Require HUGE Client Value

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I talk a lot in this space about making sure you’re a “premium” or “high value” entrepreneur who delivers incredible client results and charges according to the life changing transformation that your program delivers. But, what exactly does this mean? For me, it makes perfect sense, as I live and coach these concepts every day, but I’ve had a number of my …