Business Webinars

Business Webinars Are Not Optional Anymore

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Today’s post is as simple as it gets and I’m not going to drag it out to 500+ words and beat the dead horse here. If you are a coach, consultant, service provider or any type of entrepreneur who makes a living helping clients solve a problem, then you need to be running webinars in your business. This is cut and …

Million Dollar Consultant

The Difference Between You & A Million Dollar Consultant

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Usually, there are only a few very small differences between a million dollar consultant, coach or service entrepreneur, and one who makes $50,000.00 per year. I know, I know, that sounds a little bit crazy, it used to sound that way to me as well! But, stay with me here, because I promise it’s true and I see it and work with …

Premium Pricing

I’ve Built My Business Around Premium Pricing & Big Time Client Results

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In the Internet Marketing world, in the business world and especially in the world of a digital marketing consultant, things move really, REALLY fast! Every day it seems that there is a new “trick,” strategy or technique to bring on new clients and grow your business. Everyone is promising something and there is an absolute ton of stuff out there …

Your Business

What Do You Stand For In Your Business?

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It’s the beginning of another month! Let’s goooooooooooo!!!! This is a great time to figure out, or review if you already know, exactly what you stand for in your business, and exactly what you don’t stand for. If you don’t stand for specific, important tenants in your business, you’re just out there flying in the wind. When I say, “stand for” I …