Simple business

Keeping Your Business Simple Is Literally Everything

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Short, “simple” post today about the number one key concept in my businesses and what I would say is the top reason for my success. As my frequent blog readers probably know, I run my businesses on a day to day basis with no employees. I am a true “solo-entrepreneur” as in it’s “just me out here” and the IRS considers …

Grateful For In Business

Happy Thanksgiving! What I’m Grateful For In My Business

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Happy thanksgiving to all of my blog readers and to all of your family members on this awesome holiday! I’ll tell you what, Thanksgiving has always been one of my “top holidays” and quite frankly, as I type this, I believe it may have just jumped to the top of the list. Just thinking about all of the stuffed artichokes …

Systems Not Services

Selling Value vs. Selling Services

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I talk, teach and blog a lot about the differences between selling value based systems, and selling time based services. Most entrepreneurs who are in business and make a living off of selling their expertise and knowledge are selling services. It makes sense because it’s how most business owners present and monetize their expertise, and for the most part, it’s what your …