3 Tips For Converting Cold Business Prospects Into High Ticket Clients

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Every day my business is set up so that I’m able to enroll high ticket, premium clients into my programs who literally did not know who I was 7 days prior.

If you want to close high ticket deals from cold prospects quickly, here are 3 tips sure to help you do just that.

1. Stop Chasing Your Potential Prospects, Flip The Script & Make Them Chase You!

Most consultants, coaches, freelancers and other service professionals that I work with rely on referrals, cold emails, cold calls and other common lead generation techniques to bring on clients every month. While all of these methods could and for the most part do work if applied consistently enough, they all lead to a situation where you essentially start out the client relationship “begging” for client business. If you’re cold calling someone, cold emailing them asking about work and touting your services or hitting up your current clients for more referrals, it’s obvious to your potential clients that you need more business.

Instead of doing this, you want to set up a marketing funnel where clients come to you! A good way to do this is to follow my 6x Digital Blueprint model and send extremely targeted and very valuable direct mail campaigns to your ideal target audience with an irresistible offer that can help their business right now. Once you begin to work your direct mail campaign you’ll start to develop a situation where business owners are reaching out to you to talk about their marketing. This completely changes the dynamic of the sales relationship and creates a situation where what you offer is seen as extremely valuable and in demand. When a client first reaches out to you based on a marketing piece you’ve sent them, they automatically assume that many other businesses have received the same offer and that you have many other potential clients to work with. All of this leads to a situation where you can charge a premium price and choose the clients who are best for what you do.

2. Use Elevated & Superior Positioning To Differentiate Yourself In Your Marketplace

In the Digital Marketing and Web Design & Development industry you’ll see that most digital professionals, agencies and freelancers are all selling similar services. SEO, PPC, Website Design, Website Development, Mobile Development, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords…..so on and so forth. When you sell the same “services” as all of your competitors, including extremely low cost outsourced alternatives, it’s virtually impossible for you or your company to stand out. How can a customer make an informed decision if all of their options seem to offer very similar services that are named the same? The answer is that they cannot, so, of course they’ll judge your services based on how much they cost.

This is the exact opposite of what you want to happen when a potential client is viewing your business. You want them to look at what you offer as completely unique and one of a kind. Even if your potential client decides not to work with you, they should still be 100% aware that they cannot get what you offer with anyone else. This is how you charge a premium for your business offerings. When your unique, proprietary business systems and offerings are seen as completely unique and only yours, then your client literally cannot compare what you’re offering based on the cost. Then you can focus on what’s really important, the incredible results that you’ll be getting for the client, and these type of conversations close high ticket consulting deals.

3. Utilize A Client Conversion Kit System To Pre Sell Your Clients Before Your Speak With Them

This is an advanced 6x Digital Blueprint tactic and one that has personally been responsible for making a ton of money. In my business, after we have scheduled a 6x Digital Strategy Session with our potential client but before we conduct the strategy session, we send the potential client what I call my 6x Client Conversion Kit. This kit contains a ton of valuable, credibility building resources that pre sell my business before I ever speak with the client. It contains such documents such as my unconditional money back policy, my complete proprietary system break down, their custom audit report along with a number of other tools designed to elevate me in the prospects mind before we speak.

Since I started implementing this process, my “no show calls” and “I’m not interested” client responses have dropped dramatically. Now potential clients come to our call completely prepared and engaged with our process and what we do. It takes all of the stress out of the conversation, and it truly makes it much less of a sales call situation and more of a casual, relaxed enrollment conversation where you can really figure out if the client is a good fit for what you do. Now, sometimes when I’m on a strategy call I’m literally bouncing a basketball, walking down the street when talking to a potential client about investing $15,000 with me. There’s no stress, and if we don’t end up working together, no big deal, the system ensures that the next call is coming up soon.

I really hope these three tips help you elevate your offerings and close more high ticket clients. Each one of these tips has been responsible for multiplying my digital consulting business, income and lifestyle over the past few years. As always, take action and put these concepts into play in your business or none of it matters.