Client Case Study: 6x Digital Blueprint Math

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Many of my 6x Digital Blueprint clients come to our programs already making good incomes selling services. Some even are making great incomes if you break it down by how many hours they’re working. The following is a case study based on a recent 6x Digital Blueprint client and their income situations before they worked with us, and after they worked with us. Does this sound at all like your current situation?

Client Case Study:  One of my recent 1-on-1 coaching clients was charging $100 per hour as a freelance front end graphic designer in Brooklyn, NY and was booked solid for as many hours as he wanted to be each week. Based on his standard 40 hour work week, he was pulling down a comfortable 200K per year working from his apartment office. He realized that he was relying solely on client work and his own time to make his income every week. If he decided not to work for a week. He would not get paid that week. Even though he was technically a self employed entrepreneur, he didn’t feel like he was running a business.

Weekly Income On Average Before Working With Us: $100 per hour x 40 hours = $4,000.00 per week 

After working 1-on-1 with us for eight weeks, it was obvious that this client had an incredible amount of experience branding high end digital clients. We packaged all of his best graphic design knowledge and branding techniques into an incredibly valuable, 8 Week “Company Rebrand” Design Package for medium sized businesses. We then focused on how we could deliver the new “product” to his clients without him working more than 5-10 hours on each client and without him having to hire more than one person to fulfill the design work. With the advanced marketing funnel techniques that we worked to set up, this client was able to sell three $12,000.00 “Done-For-You” Company Rebrand Packages within the first 30 days of offering the program.

Weekly Income First 30 Days After Working With Us: $1200 per hour x 7.5 hours = $9,000.00 per week

Conclusion: After working with us our client was able to decrease his work hours each week from forty to seven and a half. He was able to boost his income from $4,000.00 each week to $9,000.00 each week. The system is now in place for him to quickly scale to his goal of running a $70,000.00 per month graphic design consulting company. Now his time is spent working on his business and spending time with his family.