A Complete Breakdown Of My Marketing Funnel

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My Complete Marketing Funnel Breakdown From Cold Lead To $1,500 Per Month Digital Consulting Client

Premium Client List > 6x Audit Offer (mailer + video email sequence) > 6x Audit Sent With 6x Strategy Session CTA > 6x Strategy Session Scheduled > 6x Client Conversion Kit Sent > 6x Strategy Session Conducted > New Premium Digital Consulting Client 

Here is a complete break down of each step in my 6x Digital Consulting Marketing Funnel from start to finish. This is not a break down of which technologies I use to accomplish each funnel element, but an overview of the proven process that I use every day to bring in high ticket digital consulting clients. Each component in this simple, 7 figure funnel is broken down below.

  1. Premium Client List Building– I make a list every month of my most ideal business prospects for that month.
  2. 6x Digital Audit Direct Mail Campaign- I send a custom direct mail campaign sequence to my ideal business prospects list imploring them to claim a complimentary 6x Digital Audit for their business. This is a 3 letter sequence over 4 weeks.
  3. 6x Digital Audit Video Email Campaign– If the prospect does not claim the audit offer from my direct mail campaign, I send them a sequence of custom video emails asking them if they got my letters and encouraging them to reply back to receive their complimentary digital audit.
  4. 6x Digital Audit Requested By Potential Client- At this point, a potential client has received up to 3 direct mail pieces and 3 separate 1-to-1 video emails referencing my free audit offer within a 30 day period. Once the potential client requests their audit, I put the custom audit together by running through my proprietary process.
  5. 6x Digital Audit Sent To Potential Client With 6x Digital Strategy Session Offer- I send over their audit with a video email introducing myself and asking them to schedule a strategy session call with me if they found the audit valuable.
  6. 6x Client Conversion Kit Sent- Once the potential client schedules their strategy session, I send them a custom mail package containing a sequence of valuable documents designed to build my credibility and pre sell my system before our call.
  7. 6x Digital Strategy Session Call- I conduct my proprietary strategy call with the potential client and end the call with an enrollment conversation where I invite them to partner together to grow digital revenue on a monthly basis.
  8. New Premium Monthly Digital Consulting Client- I now just brought in a $1,500+ monthly digital consulting client for my business from a completely cold Google Sheet of my ideal potential clients.

It’s really that simple. That’s exactly and the only thing I’m currently doing to bring in high ticket consulting clients and it’s working incredibly well. For the most part, the funnel completely runs on auto pilot and I just focus on the number of strategy session I conduct each week. Because I always have a predictable stream of audits going out, and strategy sessions being scheduled, I can almost always predict exactly how many new clients I’ll bring on each week.

Hope this overview break down of my complete funnel helps. In the future I’ll blog about the technology I use to power the funnel 24/7 and the outsourcers I utilize to send my direct mail campaigns.