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Do You Bring On At Least One New High Value Client Per Week?

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In your coaching, consulting or high value services business you should aim to bring on one new high value client every single week, at the very minimum.

The first thing you need in order to bring on at least one new high value client every week in your business, is an advertising and marketing system that will deliver strategy session call applications with consistency.

This is where most coaches and consultants go wrong, they simply don't have a marketing funnel that delivers consistent client calls.

If you don't have a consistent way to generate new client calls, then, how are you ever going to bring on clients with consistency?

You're not..

And… Here we are.

After less then 120 words we've diagnosed the issue that 90% of the business owners that I speak with have.

They have absolutely NO way to generate the call volume needed to close one high value client every SINGLE week!

So, step one is to make sure you have consistent and high quality clients reaching out to work with you every week.

Once you have step one covered, and clients are scheduling themselves in your calendar, you're almost there!

Now, you need a consistent and duplicatable way to bring on at least 40% of the qualified clients you speak with.

That's it.

You only need two things dialed in to grow a coaching and consulting business larger than in your wildest dreams!

So, let's recap really quick.

In order to make sure that you can bring on at least one new PREMIUM client per week you need a:

  1. Dialed in Advertising & Marketing System that delivers high quality calls into your calendar.
  2. Specific and repeatable strategy for enrolling at least 4 out of 10 clients on the phone.

And…….That really is it!

In my business, these are the two things that I consistently get right.

I have a fully automated and proven marketing system that delivers qualified Premium Clients Every Day client calls into my calendar, and I have a duplicatable Strategy Session call process where I enroll at least 4 out of 10 qualified clients I speak with over the phone.

That's the difference between a “good business” and a life changing business.

The ability to generate qualified client calls on demand and then close a high percentage of those calls.

So, if you look at your business this week and don't see how you're going to bring on at least one high value new client, check your sales and marketing system against my two step checklist and get it figured out!

Summary: The key to enrolling as many clients as you want each week in your business is to have a marketing and sales funnel that 1) Delivers qualified new client calls with consistency and 2) Allows you to turn 40% of those qualified calls into premium clients.

Actions Steps:

  1. Build out an advertising & marketing funnel that delivers qualified calls into your calendar automatically.
  2. Get really comfortable and good at enrolling qualified clients into your business.
  3. Repeat and scale.

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