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Your Low Prices Are Scaring Off Your Best Clients..

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One of the top concerns I hear when people are debating “going premium” in their businesses is a variation of, “Brian I’m scared to raise my prices because I think no one will pay that, how can I be sure that I will be able to get clients at this level?” This is much less of an “actual issue” and much …


Targeted Paid Traffic + Scalable Conversion = Wealth

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What’s the quickest, best and most effective way to grow a huge coaching, consulting or high end services business? Immediately work on a strategy to turn targeted web traffic into new high value clients. But, but, Brian…..that’s it?? Yes, that is it. While that one sentence reads simple enough, it is very challenging to make it happen and get it right. IRS …

Launch It

Stop Changing It Again…Launch It!

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As you probably have seen, I’ve taken a couple weeks off from the blog update game as a couple huge developments in the BFG Digital studios have taken some of my “business downtime” recently. But, don’t fret as I’m back fired up with a super relevant post that could mean all the difference in your business moving forward. A couple …

Business Metrics

Know The Right Business Metrics

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I’m in hour five of a six hour plane ride to San Fran and for some reason I’ve been overwhelmed with the urge to bust out a quick blog about tracking and understanding your core business metrics….LOL. If you know me or read this blog this shouldn’t surprise you, as these strange business compulsions consistently and constantly come across my …

Is it your time?

Is It Your Time To Make It Happen?

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Busy January at the labs! I’ve been setting up some cool new stuff for the new year but, I’m back on point with a motivational post today, that I’ve thought a lot about lately, and that I think is extremely relevant in 2017. The question is fairly simple- Is it your time to make it happen in your business? Now, …

Buying Leads

How Many Qualified Client Calls Can You Buy For $1,000?

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The only question that really matters in your business as a coach, consultant or service entrepreneur in 2017 is how many qualified client calls can you buy for $1,000? Everything else is hyperbole and irrelevant to your success this year. Purchasing qualified potential client calls and scaling that process is your #1 mission and the sole item you should be focused …

Business Goals 2017

The Only Thing That Matters In Your Business In 2017

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It’s almost 2017!? With the new year less than eleven hours away, this is as good a time as ever to bust out the ol’ “New Years Inspiration Post!” So, without further intro- The only thing that matters in your business in 2017 is how many people you will speak with each week about working with you. That’s it, everything else …

Value not price

Your Best Clients Aren’t Worried About Price

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Your best clients are not worried about how much your services cost, they are worried about the value your services bring and the incredibly transformative outcome working with you provides. Think about that for a second, as it’s one of the most valuable lessons I can give you, and one of the most important things you will ever internalize and live …