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Do You Have Consistent, Predictable Business Revenue?

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It's the last day of the month (woah!!) so of course it's time to blog about business revenue and specifically predictable business revenue!!

When I was first starting out in my business, my revenue varied wildly from month to month and I had no real predictable way to figure out how much business revenue I would bring in the next month.

Because of the way I was going about bringing on new clients, it was literally impossible to figure out what I would make each month and because of this, my income varied wildly and my business was not consistent.

I would have great months, and then I would have terrible months.

It made it so hard to plan the future of my business and to live a consistent lifestyle outside of my business.

I didn't realize it at the time, but, I was actually a digital freelancer instead of a business owner, and that was by far my main issue.

When I speak with coaches, consultants and service entrepreneurs about their “biggest business challenges,” predictable client flow and business revenue is always towards the top of the list and usually number one if the person is being completely honest.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that 97% of coaches, consultants and service entrepreneurs out there today have no predictable way to bring on a consistent number of new clients month after month.

When you don't have a way to bring in new clients predictably and consistently, you have no way to predict how much revenue you will bring in and therefore, no real way to grow your business.

If this sounds like the situation in your business, and you're nodding along with some of these issues, then I immediately implore you to FIX this issue before you do anything else.

Literally, stop whatever you are doing in your business right now and whatever you've planned for the future and figure out a plan to bring on new clients consistently ASAP.

You can't avoid doing this!

It's so simple and normal to just go through the motions and do the “easy things” in your business every day and that's what usually happens.

I'm not afraid to tell you the truth and deliver this message: It has to stop and it has to stop now.

If you do not have a way to bring on your ideal number of clients each month like clock work, then your only job is to figure it out and figure it out quickly!

This is not debatable and for the most part shouldn't have to be discussed any further.

In late 2016, it is 100% possible for every coach, consultant and high value service entrepreneur to generate a consistent and large number of clients every single day/week/month.

Don't tell yourself it's not possible because that would be a bold faced lie.

Don't pretend like it's not a problem in your business because you have to much pride to admit the truth.

The first step to moving forward, is to admit that there is an issue and then focus like a hawk on solving that issue.

If your issue is not enough clients, or not enough revenue consistency from month to month, solve it.

Summary: The most important thing to “get right” in your business is to have a predictable and consistent flow of new clients wanting to work with you month after month, without you having to chase after them.

Actions Steps: 

  1. Be honest with yourself, do you truly have a consistent and predictable flow of new clients coming in every month?
  2. If not, immediately focus on changing that.
  3. Don't do anything else until you have a predictable flow of new clients coming to you every single day/week/month depending on your revenue goals.
  4. Join the 3% (or less) of coaches, consultants and service entrepreneurs who generate huge revenue numbers month after month.

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