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How To Crush Self Doubt In Your Business & Life

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Not quite sure where I'm going with this post today, but, it is super relevant and pivotal for coaches, consultants and service entrepreneurs to understand and internalize these concepts, so, I'm just gonna let er' rip and start pounding the keys.

Ahhh, the old human mind, it can be such a beautiful thing, or it can be the downfall of us all, especially in business.

I don't think there is anyone on earth, no matter how successful they are, who doesn't at some point have at least a little bit of self doubt creep into their business.

And, for most people, especially when they're first starting out, or haven't built a huge business yet, self doubt is something that needs to be constantly dealt with and overcome.

As humans, we are pretty much wired to be super critical of ourselves and the things we do.

Unfortunately, this includes our business and the business related activities that we engage in on a daily basis.

I honestly think that after working with coaches, consultants and service entrepreneurs on their businesses for the last 5+ years, that self doubt and self criticism are the top reasons that most people get discouraged and eventually quit in their businesses.

Do you ever feel like you're super down on yourself and your business, that you “aren't doing the right things,” that you can't really get out of your own way or that no one will value or understand what you're offering?

If so, guess what, you're just like 99.99% of every other entrepreneur out there including me!

No one is going to judge you, your business, or your business activities and offerings harder than YOU!

We humans go really really hard against ourselves some times and it is usually not a good thing.

Of all of the struggles and hardships it takes to grow an awesome business, having a constant sense of self doubt and the attitude that “maybe I'm just not good enough” is usually the straw that breaks the camels back.

Here are two key techniques that I've learned over the years and that I use to alleviate self doubt and crush my negative feelings before they spiral into something worse.

1) Start Your Day On The Most Positive Note Possible

The key to a successful day where you CRUSH self doubt and negative feelings before they have a chance to rear their ugly heads is to start your day out, EVERY SINGLE DAY, by internalizing why you are doing what you're doing and who you're doing it for. Yes, that was a long sentence, but it is really really simple. For me, every single morning before I do ANYTHING at all, I open up a Trello Board that I've set up and named “First Thing Motivation.” In this board are a couple of key things. I have pictures of my family, my girlfriend and my friends so that I visualize who I'm growing my business for that day. Growing my business for myself is just not enough, seeing the people that I love in front of me and realizing that they rely on me to become extremely successful is what gets me incredibly fired up to succeed. I literally can't fail, there is too much at stake for my family and friends. Nothing helps me crush my self doubt quicker then realizing there are a bunch of people that are relying on me to become the best I can be. After that, I have some pictures of things I want, such as the ability to vacation every month, the ability to work where and when I want, my dream home in Jersey City, the beach home I want and some other material/lifestyle items that are important to me. These items get and keep my fired up because they function as the “gold at the end of the rainbow” for me and my business growth. The combination of waking up every morning and visualizing 1) My family and friend who rely on me and 2) The things that I want to accomplish and attain in life, absolutely crushes my self doubt before it has a chance to creep in. Do this every morning, and you'll start to see a massive difference in your outlook and attitude each day, I guarantee it.

2) Visualize Your “Most Perfect Self” From Above

This concept is a little bit more abstract, but, I've found it works incredibly well for immediately crushing self doubt in your business and life. Whenever you're having a moment of self doubt, a bad day or you're just not fired up and motivated, try this simple but effective technique. Literally close your eyes and visualize your “perfect self” looking down at you from 100 feet above. Look at yourself as your family and friends look at you. Your family and friends don't focus on the negatives, they focus on how amazing of a person you are and all of the great things you have to offer! Think about how many people love you and know that you're incredibly talented. Think of how many people want you to succeed and live the amazing life you deserve. Literally think of how many people view you in the most positive light possible, without any negativity whatsoever. This is what I call “your most perfect self.” This is how other people view you and your business. The harshest critic and the main person that will work to put you down and hold you back is always going to be yourself. Your family, friends and the people you care about most, view you as an incredibly unique person who has soooo much to offer this world. If you're able to take a step back and visualize yourself as others see you, you'll realize that self doubt is literally BS and is something that has no room in your life or head.

These two techniques are not abstract, but, actual proven activities that need to be worked on and put into action on a daily basis.

Every single person messes up, no one is perfect, and every single person that has grown an awesome business did not start there.

There is too much at stake for you to let self doubt and negative feelings about yourself and your business hold you back.

Make today the day when you stamp self doubt, self criticism and negativity out of your business and life forever!

Summary: Self doubt is an unfortunate part of the human mind that needs to be managed, controlled and overcome in order for you to fulfill your destiny and become the person and business owner that you have the skills and ability to be.

Action Steps:

  1. Wake up every day and visualize who you're building your business for and why you're building your business.
  2. If you start to feel self doubt creeping in, close your eyes and visualize your “perfect self” from 100 feet above.
  3. Realize that self doubt is a part of life as a human, but, that it can be controlled and beaten back.
  4. Achieve your business and life goals.

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