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3 Reasons Why Group Coaching Is Vastly Superior To 1-On-1 Coaching

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Most coaches, consultants and high value entrepreneurs will never move from working 1-on-1 with clients, to working in a structured group coaching program.

Therefore, most coaches, consultants and high value entrepreneurs will never build a life changing business that rewards them day in and day out without all of the headaches, confusion and overwhelm that 1-on-1 client work comes with.

Some feel like they have to work 1-on-1 to get the desired result for their clients. Some are nervous that they won't be able to bring on new clients into a group program. Others feel like clients won't want to work in a group setting and will demand 1-on-1 work in order to come on board.

I'm here to tell you that these assumption and feelings are completely incorrect and are holding you back from hitting your income goals and building the business you deserve.

Here are three reasons why the group coaching and consulting model is vastly superior to the 1-on-1 coaching model, both for your business, your income, and for your clients.

1) You cannot make $50,000.00+ per month as a coach or consultant working with clients 1-on-1

In order to create a “life changing business” instead of a “good or great business” you have to be able to scale your business to take on 20+ new clients per month. Ask yourself this, if you were to take on 20 new clients next month, would you be able to deliver results for all of them while keeping your business on track? If you're working with clients 1-on-1, the answer is going to be “no” for 99.9% of entrepreneurs. If you are working 1-on-1 and your desired outcome takes 8 weeks to achieve, you'll quickly find yourself in a situation where you are working with 40 clients come month two. Yea… I don't know how many hours are in your day or work week, but, that just “ain't gonna happen!” So, as a basic rule of thumb, if you don't have a group coaching offering in your business, you will never be able to make life changing money.

2) Your clients will get SUPERIOR results when they work in a structured group setting

I sometimes get a lot of push back on this concept, and I definitely understand why. As entrepreneurs, we have been conditioned to believe that working 1-on-1 with clients is the only way to get great results. I used to think like this. I was extremely worried that I would enroll clients into my new group program, and that they would then demand to work with me 1-on-1 or get discouraged and not get results in my program. It honestly took 12+ months of anxiety and over thinking everything to finally take the plunge and enroll my first client into a structured group program. Once I did, a funny thing happened- My group clients got better results, were more enthusiastic, more motivated and showed up to our group calls ready to work hard! At first I didn't know why this was happening. Now I do and it makes perfect sense. My clients did not enroll in my program to “work with me 1-on-1.” They enrolled in my program to GET AN INCREDIBLE RESULT! The result is all that matters to your clients, and by working in a small, like minded group of entrepreneurs hungry for that result, your clients will work harder, bond with their group and achieve better results. Once I completely phased out my 1-on-1 programs, I realized that working with clients 1-on-1 was actually holding back my client results, and my business growth, a true lose-lose.

3) Group coaching requires your clients to stay focused, on track and motivated without distractions

This is another interesting dynamic that I noticed when moving from working with clients 1-on-1 to working with clients in a structured group setting. When I would work with clients 1-on-1, some of the time, our coaching calls would start out on track, and then devolve into tangents, questions and we would quickly fall off track. I'd then have to refocus the call to get the client back on track with exactly what the goal of the call was. This is another funny part about working with clients 1-on-1, a lot of the time, when clients start to get to know you and like you, they are interested in discussing things other then the immediate task at hand. When you work in groups, clients are forced to stay focused and on track. When you work 1-on-1, clients feel like they can discuss the weather, your personal life, ask questions at any time, show up to calls late, reschedule calls, etc. When you work in groups, clients stay on track, are forced to keep things simple and show up to their group calls on time and ready to go.

Summary: Working with clients on a specific result in a group coaching program is vastly superior to working with clients 1-on-1. This is true both for the client and for your business.

Action Steps: 

  1. Immediately build out your group coaching program around a specific, extremely desirable result.
  2. Start to move away from working with clients 1-on-1 and instead enroll clients into your structured group program.
  3. Watch as your business explodes, your clients get even better results and your business and life are simplified.