Three Things To Get Right In Your Coaching Business

Get These Three Things Right In Your Business & You’re Good

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Unfortunately, when you run a business as a coach, consultant, or high value service provider it's often overwhelming to deal with the many options that you feel like you, “should be trying” to grow new business and market your company.

In 2016 there are a thousand different strategies to try, ebooks to consume, systems to learn and just a general lack of time to get it all done.

Some of my favorite themes to blog about if you've been following along long enough are the concepts behind keeping things simple and proven in your business.

There are literally millions of things that you “could do” or “could be trying” in your business to drive revenue and sales.

I'm going to give you three things that if you really work hard on refining, and eventually get right, will change your business and life.

1) A Targeted, Scalable & Duplicatable Advertising Strategy

In order to succeed online in any niche it's necessary to figure out how to implement a targeted and profitable advertising strategy. If you're able to do this, and can consistently spend $1 on advertising and get $2 back in profit, you're right there in your business and very close to making life changing money with a few minor tweaks to your business model. Successful, advertising is the pillar of all million dollar coaching and consulting businesses. You need to be in front of your potential customers 24/7, 365.

2) A High Value, Structured Webinar

A high value, well structured webinar can literally take the place of all of your current business marketing if you do it right. A webinar, if done correctly, will: sell, educate, enlighten and provide incredible value to your potential clients in an hour or less. Instead of struggling to get in front of clients and sell them on what you do, a webinar will allow your clients to sell you on why you need to work with them at scale. I've tried pretty much every marketing strategy possible, and webinars beat them all by a mile. Don't overthink this, just do it.

3) A Structured Strategy Session Phone Call Enrollment Process

If you're able to generate targeted traffic to a webinar, and then have attendees stay until the end, great work! You're ahead of 98% of the entrepreneurs that I speak with every day. The next step is to get incredibly comfortable and good at enrolling qualified clients into your programs during Strategy Session phone calls. Being able to enroll 1 in 3 potential high value clients into your premium programs is literally the difference between you doing well, and becoming a millionaire. Enrolling qualified clients over the phone consistently is the #1 difference between million dollar entrepreneurs who live the life of their dreams, and everyone else who does decent and struggles to get by.

Summary: Get the “right things right” in your business and watch your results and income accelerate at an incredible pace.

Action Steps: 

  1. Immediately begin working on a targeted advertising & webinar sales funnel strategy.
  2. Begin conducting webinars weekly, and record your webinars.
  3. Invite your most interested and qualified webinar attendees to schedule Strategy Session phone calls with you.
  4. Work on your Strategy Session phone call process until you can enroll at least 25% of the clients you speak with.
  5. Keep working on your simple, three step business funnel until you hit your income goals.
  6. Triple your goals, work harder, refine your new funnel and scale to a million+  from there.

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