Your Habits And Your Success Are The SAME Thing

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If you want to drastically improve your life and experience an incredibly powerful shift in your business, than you HAVE to immediately develop daily habits that lead to success.

If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is check your email, browse the net, watch the news, etc. you're setting your day up for failure.

Our habits are the #1 variable that leads directly to success in business, and in life.

Those that have achieved success in life and in business have developed healthy and productive habits that they work every single day.

The honest truth is that most people have terrible habits that sabotage their success and they don't even realize it.

Want to be extremely successful and productive in your business?

Put together a list of all of the activities you currently do on a daily basis.

Once the list is complete, go through each item and ask yourself two questions:

1) Is this activity directly related to moving my business forward and creating a positive change in my business?

2) Is this activity directly related to improving my life and the life of my family?

You will quickly realize what tasks are most important in your business and there should not be more than a few of them at most.

You'll also quickly realize that most of the things you work on each day are reactionary, and DO NOT move your business forward.

Once you've established what activities are MOST important to your business and lifestyle goals, get out a single note card or sticky note and put these tasks in order of importance.

There should only be a maximum of four HIGH VALUE activities that move your business and lifestyle forward on a daily basis (preferably 2 or 3).

Once you've firmly established what needs to be done on a daily basis, and what you SHOULD NOT be doing you are 75% there.

Now, put that note card on top of your closed laptop or monitor (even tape it there if you want) and the next time you begin work in the morning DO NOT open your computer until you have reviewed your “Core Tasks” in order without any distraction.

Once you are focused on your, “business building” tasks, immediately do them BEFORE you do anything else that day.

Only once these tasks are completely finished, are you able to do ANYTHING else, including nothing at all if your business is highly leveraged 🙂

If you do this for two or three weeks straight every day, you will immediately find that you wake up and begin on your most important, life changing activities without even thinking about it.

This is how you build positive habits in your business, and this simple technique is how I went from a frustrated, overwhelmed business owner, to a business owner who controls his own destiny and life, every… single… day.

Make sense?

If so, put it into action NOW and get your single note card ready for tomorrow morning!

Summary: Make a list of ALL of the tasks you do daily in your business and figure out which ones are MOST important to your success. Put these few items (maximum of 4) on a post it note and do them EVERY DAY before you do ANYTHING else.

Action Step:

  1. Make a list of all of the business tasks you usually do during a day.
  2. Go over every task one by one and figure out if it is REALLY moving your business and lifestyle forward.
  3. Make a post it note with the 2-4 MOST IMPORTANT tasks that you need to do EVERY DAY.
  4. Do these tasks every day, first thing in the AM before you do ANYTHING else!