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Can You Take A Break?

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In my last post I blogged about a few of the core principles I stand for in my business and why I stand for them.

These items are absolutely non-negotiable for me and I cannot and will not be flexible about them under any circumstances.

Along these same lines, I want to write a bit today about another key aspect of my business- the ability to take time off and vacation without any negative impact on my business.

This week, I'm at the Jersey shore with my family and it's been an incredibly relaxing and fun time so far!

The best part is that my business is continuing to function as always and new clients and sales continue to flow in.

Do you ever feel like you can't take a break because your business will suffer and your income will dry up?

If so, you immediately need to put a plan together to get to the point where your business can run smoothly and profitably whether you're in the office, or on a month long European vacation.

If you're a coach, consultant or high value service entrepreneur and you can't go on vacation without a loss in income and clients, you're not doing it right!

If you can't go on vacation without fielding a million phone calls, emails and client issues, you have big problems.

If you're out to dinner with the family and you just, “have to take this call because it's business” or “need to check your emails because it could be important and urgent” you have to know that it's not the only way.

A truly sustainable and high ticket coaching or consulting business will run like clock work whether you are in the office, on the beach, on a boat, on an island or skiing the slopes of Aspen.

The reason my business is able to “work” no matter where I am or what I'm doing is very simple.

I have a system set up where my clients come to me instead of me chasing them AND I have a system to enroll qualified clients over the phone in one phone call.

Then, once I bring on new clients, I have the ability to deliver incredible, life changing results without having to meet in person, do done-for-you client work or field client calls and emails constantly.

It really is that simple.

Because of these two facts, I've managed to disconnect my business and income from the usual “issues” and problems that 98% of other coaches, consultants and service entrepreneurs face.

Therefore, my business runs exactly the same way whether I'm on the beach (like I am now!) or if I'm at the office in Hoboken.

This is the key to true sustainability, happiness and success in your business and life.

Summary: Your business should be able to work no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Action Steps: 

  1. Set up a system so that your lead generation is on autopilot.
  2. Figure out how to enroll high value clients over the phone.
  3. Never do “done-for-you” work or services for clients.
  4. Deliver life changing client results around your new system.
  5. Have a truly life changing business where you can live life on your own terms and create your own happiness.

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