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I’ve Built My Business Around Premium Pricing & Big Time Client Results

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In the Internet Marketing world, in the business world and especially in the world of a digital marketing consultant, things move really, REALLY fast!

Every day it seems that there is a new “trick,” strategy or technique to bring on new clients and grow your business.

Everyone is promising something and there is an absolute ton of stuff out there to sift through and decide on.

There are always new ways to gain traffic, position your offerings and grow your business, and there always will be.

I choose to ignore all of this, and focus on just a few simple, and timeless principles that work for me and my clients, and that are proven to grow huge businesses.

The first principle that I've never wavered on, and will never waver on, is charging a premium price that matches up with the life changing business results that I provide my clients.

When you stand for and provide huge value, and then work relentlessly with your clients to change their businesses and lives, you better make sure that you're charging a price that matches up with that.

How can you help your clients double, triple or even quadruple their businesses and charge $1,000.00 for that result?

You can't, because it doesn't make sense, and it won't work, simple as that.

When you deal in amazing outcomes (even if they are not financial outcomes) you need to make sure you are charging what that outcome is worth.

Truly transformational outcomes that are designed to get incredible results for your clients need to be comprehensive and based on value.

If you don't offer big time value and a defined, attainable outcome you should not be charging a premium price.

But, if you do offer incredible outcomes and your stuff is the real deal, then why wouldn't you charge a price that matches up with the awesome value your clients get by working with you?

So many people are “scared” and “nervous” to take the plunge into going premium in their businesses.

But, the ones that do, never ever go back and realize that it's the only way that everyone wins.

Low prices are for low value services, premium prices are for comprehensive, outcome based programs that produce a desired result, every single time.

Things just fall into place when you charge what you're worth, and charging what you're worth is the key to growing an amazing business that you truly love and enjoy.

Summary: Low prices are for low value services, high prices are for premium, results driven programs that deliver defined and incredible outcomes.

Action Steps: 

  1. Honestly ask yourself why you're charging what you're currently charging for your services, programs or systems.
  2. If you realize that you're pricing your offerings based on what the “market is charging” or “what your competitors are charging” realize that this doesn't make any sense.
  3. Price your offerings based on the incredible value and outcomes your clients receive after working with you.
  4. Match your pricing with your outcomes and watch as your business takes off and your clients get better results.

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