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Keeping Your Business Simple Is Literally Everything

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Short, “simple” post today about the number one key concept in my businesses and what I would say is the top reason for my success.

As my frequent blog readers probably know, I run my businesses on a day to day basis with no employees.

I am a true “solo-entrepreneur” as in it's “just me out here” and the IRS considers me a “singer employer firm” for tax purposes.

Why did I just tell you that?

Because if my businesses were not set up to be super simple and able to be run essentially on autopilot, it wouldn't be possible.

For example, if my Digital Marketing Consulting business was set up in the typical “agency” style, I wouldn't be able to bring value to my clients and run my business without 2-3 full time employees minimum and a bunch of part time help/strategic relationships.

This was/is just not an option for me as my number one criteria when I evaluate a business opportunity or niche is if I can build and scale my business in that niche without any employees are outside moving parts.

I constantly and consistently am asked to partner with people on new projects, ideas and visions.

99.9% of the time I respectfully decline the opportunity up front and try to point the entrepreneur in a direction that can give them value moving forward.

The reasons for this are usually always the same; the entrepreneur presents me with a wildly complex business plan with a ton of moving parts and literally fifty plus things that need to be executed correctly to get it right.

I just don't get involved in projects like this as a matter of principle.

In my personal opinion and after seven plus years of experience in the trenches actually building businesses, I've learned that simplicity and consistency is the key to building and growing a wildly successful, stress free and enjoyable business.

In 2016 going into 2017 there are just to many ways to build a HUGE, extremely profitable and SIMPLE business to go in any other direction.

The Internet has enabled simple businesses to launch, grow and scale to levels that literally were not possible even 10 years ago.

If you trapped me in a room and wouldn't let me out until I gave you my #1 piece of advice to grow a huge, life changing business it would be to KEEP IT SIMPLE and get one or two things 100% dialed in and working for you up front.

That's it, the concept is “simple” because growing a huge business as a coach, consultant or high value service provider should be built on doing “simple” things over and over again until you nail it.

Summary: There are literally a million things you can do when building and growing a business. Keep it simple and impactful and watch your business grow faster then you ever imagined possible.

Action Steps:

  1. Focus on the top ten activities that will get you where you need to be in your business.
  2. Make a list of those ten activities in order of their importance.
  3. Look over your new list and pick the MOST IMPORTANT AND IMPACTFUL 3 activities that will TRULY move you forward.
  4. Do those three activities and only those activities daily until they are dialed in, profitable and running on autopilot.
  5. Scale from there and ONLY THEN focus on the rest of your list.

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