Exactly How To Make $20,000.00-$200,000.00+ Per Month As A Consultant

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The first thing I do with my new Premium Clients Every Day coaching clients is to immediately build out a concrete road map to get them to the $20,000.00 per month mark in their business (50K-200K+ if they already make that).

A lot of times, coaches, consultants and high value entrepreneurs simply do not feel that these type of revenue numbers are even achievable in their businesses (never mind very feasible).

I'm here to tell you as a concrete fact that not only are these numbers completely in reach, but, the proven plan to get there is extremely simple and only involves a few key steps and mindset shifts.

  1. You Must Offer A PREMIUM Group Coaching Program- This is #1 and the most important step you must take in order to make $20,000.00-200,000.00+ per month in your business. It's simply impossible to do revenue numbers like these if you are working with clients hourly and almost impossible if you're working with clients 1-on-1. Once you have a premium group program ($3,000.00 minimum) that delivers incredible results to your clients, you are 50% towards hitting these income goals.
  2. You Must Have A System To “Pre-Sell” Your Potential Clients BEFORE You Speak With Them- This is another huge component of making big money in your business and is a requirement for all of my coaching clients. You need a way to be able to demonstrate your value and lay out the solution for your potential clients before you speak with them on the phone about enrolling in your program. The best way to do this in 2016 is by putting together a high value webinar.
  3. You Need To Have A Way To Generate Client Calls At A Set Price Over And Over- In my business, we generate potential new client Strategy Session calls at between $30-$50 per call. The way my system is set up, I know that if I spend $1,000.00 on advertising that I will speak to between 20 and 30 potential clients about joining my Premium Clients Every Day Program.
  4. Y0u NEED TO Enroll Clients Into Your Program Over The Phone During Strategy Session Calls- Once I speak to a potential client, they have already attended my webinar and gotten an idea of exactly what I do and how it will help change their life. Once we speak on the phone, I do absolutely zero selling. I ask a series of five questions during every call and if my call goes well, my potential client does 90% of the talking and I listen. At the end of the call, I invite my potential client to enroll in my program. At this point, I enroll close to 40% of the clients I speak with and my team enrolls about 20%-25% of their Strategy Session calls.

And….That's pretty much it. If you get these four items set up, optimized and dialed in within your business, you are well on the road to making $20,000.00-$200,000.00+ per month in your coaching and consulting business.

The Math: Here is the math on how you can make these numbers work in your business and how to hit these revenue goals.

$5,000.00 Group Coaching Program x 1 New Group Coaching Client Per Week = $20,000.00 Per Month

$5,000.00 Group Coaching Program x 2 1/2 New Group Coaching Clients Per Week = $50,000.00 Per Month

$5,000.00 Group Coaching Program x 5 New Group Coaching Clients Per Week = $100,000.00 Per Month

$5,000.00 Group Coaching Program x 10 New Group Coaching Clients Per Week = $200,000.00 Per Month

So, there it is, that is your exact road map for making $20,000.00-$200,000.00+ per month in your business.

Do you think you can enroll one client per week in your group coaching program and deliver outstanding value to that client?

If so, you are closer to making $20,000.00-$200,000.00+ per month in your business then you ever thought possible.

Summary: Making $20,000.00-$200,000.00+ per month in your coaching and consulting business comes down to your mindset and your ability to focus on, “getting the right things right.”

Action Steps: 

  1. Create your premium group coaching program.
  2. Create your high value webinar.
  3. Drive targeted traffic to your webinar and invite your webinar attendees to schedule a Strategy Session phone call.
  4. Enroll your potential clients into your group coaching program and get them outstanding results.
  5. Make $20,000-$200,000.00+ per month in your business and change your life and the lives of your family and friends.