Make A Move: Most People Won’t!

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Warning…Warning…Warning, a bunch of tough love is about to be written.

Fact: Most people will never take the action necessary to build a successful lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

Simple as that.

I see it every….single…day. In Facebook groups, on my strategy session calls, in meet ups I attend, and for a long, long time, in my own life and business.

95% of entrepreneurs will never do the, “uncomfortable things” that will lead directly to their business success.

Most people will do the “easy stuff” and get the “wrong things right.” Then they'll wonder why their business isn't what they want.

What I mean by this is very simple.

Stop editing your logo. Stop changing your website. Stop asking a million questions in Facebook groups. Stop buying new software. Stop trying out the new strategy that you just heard about. Stop following new “gurus.”


Just stop.

Instead, do the “tough and uncomfortable tasks” that will directly lead to your success in business and in life.

For example, if you're a coach, consultant or high value entrepreneur, here are the things you should be doing.

  1. Building out your complete marketing funnel
  2. Structuring, creating and formatting your webinar
  3. Creating your webinar landing page
  4. Creating your Facebook advertising strategy and launching your Facebook ads
  5. Creating high quality content that leads directly back to your webinar

And that's about it.

Everything else, is just “busy work” or a distraction that will never lead you to the success that you want and need.

Right now, in 2016, the five steps I laid out above, are ALL you need to make a million dollars plus in your business.

There is absolutely no need to do anything else if you do not want to.

You do not need a website. You don't need to change your logo again. You don't need to “learn more.” You don't need to create a ton of “content.” You don't need to join another Facebook group. You don't need to ask 5 questions per day in Facebook groups.

You simply do not need to be doing any of these things. They have NOTHING to do with your success.

Now, if you have ALL of the five things I laid out above completed, and your marketing funnel is truly “dialed in” and your ads are running 24/7, then go right ahead and do what you need to do.

But, 99% percent of the time, my new Premium Clients Every Day coaching clients do not have a marketing funnel. They are not running ads, or their ads are very poorly thought out and simplistic. They are not doing strategy sessions. They don't have a signature webinar.

And because of these things, they don't have a consistent and proven way to bring in clients every day. They are overworked and overwhelmed with the clients they do have. They're working one-on-one with clients and charging per the hour. They rely on cold calling, email marketing, referrals and current clients to drum up business. They're making 75k-100k a year and struggling to get by.

It's just not a consistent and good situation. It's stressful and more like a job than a business.

Make it a point every single day to focus on getting all of the five items I laid out above built out and running.

Until then, do not do anything else. Literally. Just work on getting these items up and live, and then tweaking and updating them based on the metrics that start coming in.

This is what 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs do.

This is what you need to be doing. This is the only thing you need to be doing.

Summary: Cut the crap. Stop pretending you're working when you're not. Get a clear, proven plan for success then put your head down and work it.

Action Steps: 

  1. Create your marketing funnel
  2. Create your signature webinar
  3. Create your webinar landing page
  4. Create your advertising campaigns
  5. Practice your strategy sessions
  6. Continue to improve and refine each step in your funnel
  7. Become wildly successful, happy and rich