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How Many Qualified Client Calls Can You Buy For $1,000?

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The only question that really matters in your business as a coach, consultant or service entrepreneur in 2017 is how many qualified client calls can you buy for $1,000?

Everything else is hyperbole and irrelevant to your success this year.

Purchasing qualified potential client calls and scaling that process is your #1 mission and the sole item you should be focused on until you get it right.

Most coaches, consultants or service entrepreneurs just don't get this.

I've had hundreds of conversations with business owners who just won't spend $1,000 on targeted advertising to see how many new client calls they can produce.

They hem and they haw, and they make up excuses for why they should be doing something else, but, they just won't consistently spend on advertising to get qualified phone calls.

If you don't have a consistent and reliable flow of new client phone calls in your business each week do you really have a business?

It's a tough question, but, it's not rhetorical and I really hope you ask yourself that and answer honestly.

You need a consistent and iron clad flow of high quality leads booking phone calls with you on a weekly basis.

If you don't have this, make this your one and only goal in your business for the new year.

Summary: Buying high quality potential client calls profitably, and at scale, is the life blood of huge coaching and consulting businesses.

Action Steps: 

  1. Experience the mindset shift of understanding that you must purchase new client phone calls in your business.
  2. Internalize this and never waver on the concept.
  3. Work extremely hard to build your lead generation system and put your client strategy session call generation on auto pilot.
  4. Once you are able to establish the cost of a new client call, scale and grow your business from there and hire a team!

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