Get Started: My Complete Sales Funnel In 506 Words & 5 Pictures

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Here is a top level look at the complete sales funnel for my Premium Clients Every Day coaching program in May of 2016.

This simple and infinitely scalable marketing funnel only has five components and allows me to turn completely cold traffic into high value clients within 48-72 hours.

My Complete Five Step Marketing Funnel:

  1. Facebook Ad
  2. Webinar Landing Page
  3. Live Premium Clients Every Day 45 Minute Webinar
  4. Invitation To Apply & Schedule A Strategy Session
  5. Strategy Session Phone Call & Potential Enrollment Conversation

Facebook Ad

My Facebook Ad spends are directly responsible for 90% of the business I bring in. For every $1,000.00 I spend on Facebook, I bring in a little bit over $5,000 in profit. 

Facebook Ads

Webinar Landing Page

I send the targeted Facebook Ad traffic directly to a webinar landing page.


Live Webinar

I do a 45 minute live webinar where I break down my Premium Clients Every Day system in detail while focusing on giving incredible valueAt the end of my webinar I don't sell anything or give any sort of sales pitch whatsoever. Instead, I invite any interested attendees to apply and schedule a Strategy Session phone call with me by visiting a link on my website.

Webinar Image

Strategy Session Application & Scheduling System

Any webinar attendees who are interested in speaking with me, are sent to an online application where they are required to answer a series of questions. These questions help me to pre-qualify my potential clients to make sure they are a great fit for my program. Once they complete the online application, they are automatically forwarded to my online scheduling system where they can book their Strategy Session call within the next 72 hours only.


Strategy Session Phone Call & Potential Enrollment Conversation

After a potential client applies for and schedules a strategy session call with me, I speak with them for about 45 minutes to an hour. During this time, the potential client does 90% of the talking, and I ask a series of five questions every single time. At the end of our call, if the potential client is a great fit for my program, I'll invite them to get started and enroll them over the phone.

Strategy Session

That's it.

That is my complete sales funnel.

This five step system allows me to take a person who was on Facebook surfing cat videos and turn them into a $5,000.00+ Premium Clients Every Day client within 72 hours.

Summary: My complete sales funnel has only five steps and turns people who have never heard of me before into $5,000+ clients within 48-72 hours.

Action Steps: 

  1. Start running Facebook Ads
  2. Send the targeted traffic to a landing page for your live webinar
  3. Conduct a high value, system focused webinar and dont sell anything
  4. Invite clients to apply and schedule a Strategy Session phone call with you
  5. Conduct strategy sessions and invite potential clients to enroll in your premium program

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