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Will You Conduct Ten New Client Calls This Week?

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In your business this week, will you do ten new client calls with highly qualified, ready to go clients?

If not, or, if you're not sure, then there is definitely work to be done on your marketing and sales funnel.

When your sales and marketing funnel is dialed in and working on autopilot, you'll be able to know precisely how many new client calls you will conduct each week.

If you know exactly how many potential new clients you'll speak with- you'll eventually know exactly how many new clients you will bring on.

These are the two most important metrics that I track, and the two metrics I recommend you focus on most:

  1. How many new client calls will I conduct that week?
  2. How many new clients did I enroll that week?

There are other numbers and metrics that need to be tested and tracked to get there, but, at the end of the day for me, the number of new client calls that I do is all that matters.

If you can get to the point of speaking with ten potential new clients each week, you can scale your business to the seven figure level very quickly.

Let's say you're already a premium, high value entrepreneur and your incredibly transformative and valuable program is priced at $9,000.00.

If you speak to ten highly qualified potential clients each week, and get really good at enrolling clients over the phone, you can easily get to the point of bringing on four clients per week or forty percent of the potential clients you speak with.

$9,000.00 program x 4 new clients = $36,000.00 per week from speaking with only two potential new clients per day, per work week.

If your marketing funnel is truly dialed in, that means you should be able to duplicate these numbers every week in your business.

$36,000.00 per week x 4 weeks in a month = a $144,000.00 per month business from only 16 new clients.

$1.78 Million Dollar Business per year from bringing on only 188 new clients into a structured, scalable group coaching program.

Numbers like these all start by knowing exactly how many new client calls you will conduct in your business each week.

Summary: You can build a massive, life changing business by creating a marketing and sales funnel that delivers new client calls into your calendar 24/7, 365.

Action Steps: 

  1. Build a consistent, dialed in sales and marketing funnel that delivers new client phone calls into your calendar.
  2. Get really, really good at speaking with, and enrolling qualified clients into your structured group coaching program(s).
  3. Change your life, your future and your families lives and futures by taking action and making it happen.

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