No One Cares What Shade Of Blue Your Logo Is…

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Short post today but one that really, really gets me going because it’s costing so many people SO much money!

I can’t tell you how many people I speak with on a daily basis that are, “getting the wrong things right.”

What do I mean by this exactly?

I mean that they are really good at, and spend a lot of time doing things like- working on a new logo, changing their website colors, messing with their website, thinking about a new “catchy” business name, buying guides and eBooks, joining Facebook groups, chatting in Facebook groups, redoing their landing pages, learning new software, joining webinars, joining email lists, etc. etc.

I literally can go on for another 3,000 words breaking down what some business owners do with their days.

The problem with all of those activities is that none of them are going to put a dollar in your pocket or a bite in your mouth, ever.

As humans, for some reason, we are conditioned to want everything perfect even when it’s already good enough to do the job.

Unfortunately, the need for perfection ends up paralyzing any chance of success that most people have. Simply put, most people will simply never take action around the things that matter.

What you need to do instead, is figure out exactly what activities put money in your pocket and do those activities every day.

It sounds so simple, but, how many of you are actually doing it, every…single…day.

For example, I know that in my Digital Consulting Business, if I send out 50 personalized direct mailers every week, that I will have Strategy Session calls scheduled for the next week.

I then know that if I have Strategy Sessions scheduled, that I will have new clients coming into my business.

And……that’s it! In my consulting company, if we send out our mailers every day, then we will speak to potential new clients, we will then bring new clients into our program and the business will grow.

I have a website, but, I don’t need it to make money. I’m in Facebook groups, but, I don’t need to be active in them to bring on clients. I have an old logo from Fiverr that I got literally 4 years ago…..yea, that doesn’t matter and NO ONE cares.

In my Premium Clients Every Day program, I know that if I run Facebook ads every day to my recorded webinar, I will have Strategy Sessions with potential clients that week.

If I have Strategy Sessions with potential clients, I will enroll new clients into my group coaching program. If I enroll new clients into my group coaching program every week, I will grow my revenue and income month after month.

If you don’t have a steady stream of new clients coming into your business every single day and week like clockwork, then, you should not work on anything else, until you can build a system in your business that accomplishes it.

If you don’t have new clients coming into your business every single day, then you don’t have a business, sorry (not trying to be a d).

Your business life can be so simple if you let it.

Stop working on all other aspects of your business until you have a 24/7 marketing system that brings clients into your business 24/7 365.


  1. Focus on what matters. Spend your time on money making activities and setting up your 24/7 365 marketing funnel.
  2. Don’t spend one second on anything else until your business has new customers coming in every day like clockwork.
  3. Make a list of activities that bring in business and do these activities every single day before you do anything else.
  4. “Get the right things right!”
  5. Take ACTION! Don’t hesitate.