No Pain No Gain

It’s Not Going To Be Easy… Ya Get What Ya Give

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Just pumped out a ridiculous workout and during it my trainer yelled out, “No Pain, No Gain!!”

This got me thinking about business a little bit (yea, I'm a weird dude) and it got me fired up to rant about this important concept.

When it comes to fitness and working out, it's pretty much a concrete fact that you “get out what you put in.”

If you go to the gym and walk around for a bit, talk to the trainers, drink some water, and then leave….You're not going to get results.

Most everyone can agree and relate to this concept when it comes to being healthy and fit.

I've never heard anyone say with a straight face, “If I sit around and don't do anything, while slamming McD's, I should hit my fitness goals by September!”

If we can all agree that you need to work hard to get results in fitness and health, then why don't we all agree on this concept in business?

I can't tell you how many people want “great results” in their business but simply DO NOT want to work hard and do what it takes to get those results.

Or, they want to “work hard” at first, but, as soon as things don't go perfectly smooth, they basically give up and quit.

Where did this attitude come from?

Where do people get off (more then I ever would have believed) thinking that building a life changing business will be “smooth sailing?”

I seriously cannot believe it sometimes when I talk to someone who's business is not where it should be, but they, are “too busy to work on implementing a marketing funnel and sales system.”

Or they, “have a lot of other things going on at the moment.”

Or they, “would really rather have someone do it for them.”

Or, it's “just not the right time right now.”

These are all variations of the same excuse and they are all cop outs.

Nothing is more important than building your business to the level that it NEEDS to be at.

Hard truth for you: If it's not “currently the right time” to grow and multiply your business, it never will be.

Oh, so two months from now you will be, “all clear and ready to go??”

LOL, don't make me laugh, that's such BS and in 99% of people will never happen.

Two months from now, things will be exactly the same if you don't do something BIG and DRASTIC!

As you can tell, I'm fired up today and the adrenaline is pumping but you know what I'm saying here.

In business and in life, you have to be willing to work extremely hard to get what you want.

You also have to be extremely persistent and work with the mindset that “you literally cannot fail.”

It won't be easy, trust me, but, it will be worth it.

Summary: You get out what you put in, in life and in business. You cannot get incredible business results if you don't work hard.

Action Steps: 

  1. Take some time to really think about your business, how it functions and how much money you are currently earning.
  2. Ask yourself if you have really achieved your business and lifestyle goals.
  3. If you haven't, immediately put together a plan to get there.
  4. Work extremely hard and don't give up until you hit your goals.
  5. Don't EVER give up no matter how long it takes.
  6. Live the life that most will only dream of!

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