Downtime In Your Business

The Power & Necessity Of Downtime In Your Business

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Making sure you have sufficient and consistent downtime in your business is one of the most productive things you can do.

As a dedicated entrepreneur who is focused on growing new business, I totally understand how it's sometimes hard to “take a break from working on your business” or to “disconnect your business from your lifestyle.”

It's not uncommon for me to speak to business owners who are working 60, 70 or even 80 hours plus in their businesses every week.

A lot of them can not definitively tell me when work “stops for them” and when their personal, leisure, downtime or family time kicks in.

The message that is drilled into entrepreneurs consistently is to, “always be hustling” and that if you're not working seven days in your business then you “don't want it bad enough.”

I used to believe these things.

In my mind, if I wasn't working 60+ hours a week in my business each week, I'd feel bad about myself and my progress.

If it was 7 PM in the middle of a family dinner and a client called me, you bet I was picking up.

If it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and my girlfriend wanted to enjoy the day together, I'd be too busy “working.”

Family vacation for a week? No WAY I was able to get off A FULL WEEK OF WORK, are you kidding me?!?

I'm here to tell you for a concrete fact that working this way is COMPLETE B.S. and will never lead you to true business success, scalability and freedom.

What working this way WILL DO is quickly lead to burnout, fatigue and eventually you will start to resent and hate your own business.

The most successful entrepreneurs realize how incredibly important downtime and free time is to their businesses.

In my business these days, my free time when I'm not working and completely disconnected from my business is the main reason I'm able to work with so much purpose and determination when I am working and locked in.

When I'm, “working” I'm completely dialed in and on point because I know exactly what I should be doing and exactly how long it will take me to complete.

I hit my core tasks for the day which are proven to move my business forward, and then I call it a day and enjoy my life!

If you have a sales system that is dialed in and a marketing funnel that delivers premium clients into your calendar, then you should never ever have to work 60+ hours a week in your business.

Stop, “working for the sake of working.”

If it isn't truly moving your business and future forward, then just STOP DOING IT!

If you realize that your business is hurting your personal life and relationships, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

If you tell yourself “this is how it is in business as an entrepreneur” understand that YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF!

The key to becoming an extremely successful and fulfilled coach, consultant or high value service entrepreneur is to get the “right things right” in your business while IGNORING everything else that you, “think you should be doing.”

Really think about and internalize these concepts and then ask yourself: Am I working for the sake of working? Or, do I work to move my business, future and family forward for the long term?

Summary: Downtime in your business and free time away from your business is the key to experiencing true focus, clarity and life changing results in your business.

Action Steps:

  1. Sit down and review all of the business related tasks you usually work on in your business on a given day.
  2. Truly review each individual task or project and ask yourself if it drastically moves your business forward and aligns with your goals as a premium entrepreneur.
  3. Make a list of all of the tasks IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE that you've decided truly move your business forward.
  4. IMMEDIATELY STOP working on all tasks that you realize do not immediately move your business forward.
  5. First thing in the morning when you begin work, review and IMMEDIATELY get to work on your core tasks for the day.
  6. Once you're finished, STOP WORKING and spend some time with your family, friends, relaxing or doing an activity that makes you FEEL GOOD that IS NOT business related.
  7. Start the next day the same way while feeling refreshed, ready to go and motivated!

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