Pt.1: The “Internet Marketing Gurus” Don’t Care About Your Success.. (Sorry)

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Tough message today, but, it’s gotta be said as it’s something that has personally cost me a ton of time and hard dollars.

I’ll get right to the point quick.

Does everyone know the, “Internet Marketing Gurus” that I’m referring to?

You know, the ones that spend a million dollars a month on Facebook ads and they follow you all over the Internet?

Targeting you with “free guides” and “complete funnel maps” only to then take you through a complex upsell/downsell/up up sell/down down sell sales funnel where you either end up buying $197 dollars worth of “blueprints and membership logins” that you’ll never ever use and if you don’t, “take the bait” you then end up getting hit with 3-4 emails (6,7?) per week trying to “help you succeed online” by getting you to “buy something else that another person is selling?”

Yea, that makes sense….

What about the money making “Gurus” who do three-five webinars per week pitching completely different products/services that in some cases have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Know any of these people?

How about the “Million Dollar Internet Marketer” who tempts you with a “Free Guide To Make A Zillion Dollars” only to then inform you that you need to pay $5.99, “Shipping & Handling” in order to get the guide “sent to your home.”

WTF, it’s 2016??!!

The main point I’m trying to make here is that these people and companies are not designed to help you grow your business.

They’re designed to make the person running the business a ton of money.

Now, I’m not bashing these people at all because in most cases the strategies and ideas they teach do work.

If they didn’t, there is no way they would be able to become so successful.

You can’t scam your way to a huge company, at least not in 2016.

Also, they make more money then I do, so, that’s what’s up and more props to them!

The problem is that this won’t help you..

99% of people who buy a $97 dollar info product or even a $500 membership site course will never take action around the ideas being taught.

So, that means that in almost every case, the “product” or “membership” you purchased will just rot on your hard drive or cloud service never to be seen or heard from again.

And, because the product or “service” is a relatively low price point, you will not be motivated to take advantage of the system.

For the same reason, you will not return or take advantage of the “money back guarantee” on the product.

What started out with so much promise, will quickly become another sunk business cost.

Does this sound like you at all?

Because it sure was me when I first started out.

Complete days would go by where all I really did was “buy stuff” and “learn more.”

Let’s just say the beginning of my business career didn’t go so well and leave it at that for now.

All in all, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on low priced information products, and can say with certainty that I received a 0% return on my investment.

Don’t be like I was.

That’s all for today, as you first must make a concrete effort to stop buying things and learning new strategies before you can move out of the darkness and into the light.

In the second part of this two part blog post, I’ll explain what to do instead.

Until then, stop buying and take action!

Summary: Stop buying information products, monthly memberships, guides and systems from gurus who don’t care if you succeed.

Action Steps:

  1. Immediately stop buying stuff.
  2. Take an inventory of your hard drive and cloud and figure out exactly what you already have.
  3. Delete anything that you know you will never use immediately (just do it).
  4. Immediately get to work implementing the systems you think can immediately drive revenue in your business.
  5. Stop buying stuff.