Do You Run Your Business Or Do Your Clients?

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Have you ever stopped and thought about who really runs your business?

Is it you? Or, is it your clients?

If you're not quite sure, answering some of these questions should help clear it up.

  1. Do you wake up in the morning ready to attack your core business tasks, only to have your day thrown into confusion by client emails, phone calls or requests?
  2. Do clients call you at random times forcing you to focus on their immediate needs instead of your businesses?
  3. Is your phone constantly beeping and vibrating with client messages, phone calls and emails from morning until evening?
  4. When you bring on a new client, are you unsure of exactly how long it will take you to get the desired result for that client?
  5. Does your new client acquisition strategy feel like feast or famine every month?
  6. When you bring on a few new clients in a short time period, are you unable to focus on bringing on new clients? Or, even worse, are you unable to bring on more clients until you've worked with your current group?
  7. When you speak to potential clients, do they end up asking most of the questions and you do most of the talking?
  8. Do you have to offer “discounts” “bonuses” “price negotiations” and “incentives” in order to bring on new clients?

Unfortunately, if you answered “yes” to any of those eight questions, you probably are not in full control over your business and odds are that if you answered “yes” to a number of them, your clients actually run your business..

It's not the easiest thing to hear or admit sometimes, but, most coaches and consultants are usually guilty of letting their clients dictate how their business runs.

As most coaches, consultants and high value entrepreneurs become more successful, they end up focusing more and more on working with their clients as opposed to working in and on their business.

I consistently speak with entrepreneurs who make good money in their businesses, but, are absolutely drowning in client calls, client issues, client work, client requests and other client related items that take up 50+ hours per week minimum.

Sure, these entrepreneurs are “doing well enough” and seem to run “successful businesses” but when they are really honest with themselves, they see that they are stressed, overworked, under paid and ultimately on the path to burning out.

In my business, I wake up every morning knowing exactly how my day is going to go.

I don't have “client surprises” to deal with at 8:00 AM every morning.

Clients don't call me at 7:00 PM because they thought of a question to ask me and it “just couldn't wait.”

When I wake up and get focused, I don't become distracted by my iPhone vibrating, my emails blowing up or my Facebook profile posts getting “liked.”

During my Premium Clients Every Day program clients know exactly how long it will take to get our desired result and exactly what we will do to get there.

When (not if) I bring on new clients this month, It will not affect my ability to deliver incredible results for them while bringing on more new clients at the same time.

I never have to (nor ever will) offer discounts or negotiate price with my potential clients.

When I speak to potential clients during my Strategy Session calls, I do 10% of the talking and the potential client does 90%.

All of this leads to a business where I have zero overwhelm, headaches, problems, issues or stress.

I'm free every single day to attack the morning knowing for a fact what the rest of the day will bring.

And the best part about all of this is that because I am in control and I run my business, my clients work with someone who is focused, enthusiastic and 100% ready to get them the results they paid for every single time we work together.

Summary: Are you really in control of your business every day?

Actions Steps: 

  1. Review my eight questions from this blog posts to figure out if you are really in control of your business. Be honest!
  2. If you're 100% in control, great work!
  3. If not, immediately implement a system that will put you back in control immediately.
  4. Move forward from there with clarity, calm and consistency in your business.
  5. Make a ton more money, produce much happier clients and build the business/life of your dreams!