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Solve One Major Client Problem & Ignore Everything Else!

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Too many entrepreneurs try to be too many things for too many different people.

Wow, that was a lot of “too’s” right (I hope I used them all correctly)?

Either way, the absolute key to becoming wildly successful and in demand as a coach or consultant is to focus on alleviating one massive problem for one specific group of people.

Read the bold type above one more time before moving on please, and quite honestly, if you understand what I’m saying and can immediately put it into action, you don’t have to read the rest of the 700+ word post :).

Most coaches and consultants attempt to solve multiple different issues for many different types of people.

This ends up leading them into a situation where they actually don’t help anyone with anything that matters.

They think that if they don’t do “this” or “that” they will lose business to someone else in their marketplace that will do it.

But, this is actually the mindset and thought process that loses clients and repels your best clients from ever working with you.

Generalists do not win when it comes to coaching and consulting (and most things in life for that matter).

Specialists win and sticking to your core competency and truly excelling at ONE THING is what’s going to take you over the top and transform your business.

Your best clients are more than willing to invest a premium price for an alleviation of one massive problem!

Your best clients are not willing to pay anything for “one size fits all” services that don’t really move the needle or fix anything that’s truly important to them.

Helping your clients get one incredible outcome after working with you is exactly what you need to be focused on.

This is how you get incredible client results, enthusiastic and engaged clients and red hot referrals (that you don’t even ask for).

Don’t fall into the mindset of being everything to everyone, just because your competitors are trying to do that.

This is more of an opportunity for you to stand out in your marketplace, because most of your competition is trying to do too much and not focusing on their core competencies.

The business world is littered with generalists who think they help everyone but really help no one, and you don’t want to get in line behind all of these people, trust me.

This only leads to negotiating prices, selling services that don’t move the needle, frustrated clients who aren’t engaged and refund requests/charge backs that will leave you feeling defeated and burnt out.

There are a lot of people out there that truly believe that they should help anyone that reaches out to them.

I can write 1o,000 more words on why this is a whacked out mindset but I’ll save you all of that and tell you straight up to just don’t think this way.

You’re in business to get amazing client results, not to help every single person on earth who needs it or reaches out to you.

Every person should not be right for what you do, and, if they are, you are doing something very very wrong.

If for some reason this upsets you, or you think I’m being “elitist” or “harsh” because I’m telling you to not help everyone out there…I would encourage you to truly examine why you think this way, as it’s definitely not helping you build an awesome business.

Always remember that solving one core problem completely, is much much more valuable then barely solving six minor problems, every single time.

Summary: Focus on providing one life changing outcome for your perfect clients and disregard everything else.

Action Steps:

  1. Narrow down what you do best and what moves the needle most for your clients.
  2. Figure out who is your perfect client and who will get the biggest impact from working with you.
  3. Build a proprietary, duplicatable system around this outcome.
  4. Only work with your “perfect clients” to implement your system and get incredible client results, every time.
  5. Keep doing this over and over and you’ll quickly have a large number of loyal and happy clients.
  6. Build a life changing business that is enjoyable and actually helps people get what they’re looking for.

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