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Stop Changing It Again…Launch It!

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As you probably have seen, I've taken a couple weeks off from the blog update game as a couple huge developments in the BFG Digital studios have taken some of my “business downtime” recently.

But, don't fret as I'm back fired up with a super relevant post that could mean all the difference in your business moving forward.

A couple of questions for you to start with today:

In your business-

  1. Are you the type of person who needs everything “perfect” before you launch it into the world?
  2. Do you constantly find yourself checking, double checking, triple checking and possibly quadruple checking (or more??!!) everything you do?
  3. Are tasks that should take one hour max constantly turning into full day and multi day activities?
  4. Do you never actually get your core tasks and projects done and instead consistently fill your days with small and inconsequential busy work?
  5. Is each week completely unpredictable and every day do you feel like “anything can happen?”
  6. Do you not make the money you want?

If you've answered yes to any of those questions above, you probably are like 95% of the business owners I speak with on a daily basis, so, don't be upset!

But, you need to stop doing all of these things and launch your most important work and core business items immediately even if they're not perfect!

I have some clients who literally have been working on important items in their businesses for 5+ years.

They consistently try to “improve” whatever they're doing, but, the funny thing (actually not funny at all) is it doesn't matter because it will never actually launch anyway..

Their businesses and working hours have become “working on their businesses” 75% of the time and therefore they don't have the business they dream of and they DON'T make the money they want.

You have to get the core parts of your business up and running (advertising, webinar, marketing funnel, etc.) before you change them, update them, tweak them, or do 100 other things to them while they aren't launched yet.

My motto with my client's is pretty simple- FIRE YOUR GUNS!

In my Premium Clients Every Day program we don't wait until, “everything is perfect.”

We get right what needs to be right and then we send it off into the world to see how it does.

Then, and only then, do we tweak, work on or improve what we've launched based on hard data and actual metrics.

You cannot know if something works until you actually test it in the marketplace.

Your “ideas” and “feelings” about what works and what doesn't mean absolutely nothing in the real world.

The only thing that matters is getting it launched and then improving it based on hard data and real world testing.

I cannot tell you how important this concept is.

As people, we have been trained to only submit something or launch something “once it's perfect.”

The sooner you actively work against this mindset and habit and actively work to “get stuff finished and launched” you're income and business will change forever and I 100% guarantee you you'll never go back.

Summary: The key is to launch your core business functions- not to dissect, change, tinker with, work on and plan them.

Action Steps:

  1. Isolate and understand the core business activities that really matter towards your income and lifestyle.
  2. Plan and work on these activities around a set amount of time that is strict and controlled.
  3. Once your allotted amount of time on that core activity is complete, check your work twice and then launch it live.
  4. Only once it's launched, should you change/update things based on the real data that you're collecting from the live launch.
  5. Do this every time you have a core business item to complete and get done.
  6. No longer feel paralyzed and upset over indecision and a lack of action.
  7. Get incredible results.

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