Stop selling services

Stop Selling Low Value Services And Start Selling High Value Programs!

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One of the most important things to focus on when you're taking your business to the next level is to create and sell Premium, High Value Programs that deliver incredible client results and provide complete solutions based on your clients biggest problem.

Yes, a long sentence, I know, but, a fairly simple concept.

What this means is that you need to move away from selling services and “one off jobs” where the client gets limited value and can easily compare your services, and start creating and selling comprehensive, high value programs where the client achieves an incredible result around a defined and predictable outcome.

Let me use an example from a Premium Clients Every Day client I recently worked with to illustrate this point further.

My client was an Internet Marketing Consultant who for the past 3+ years had been making a living selling one off monthly marketing services such as, “Search Engine Optimization” “Pay-Per-Click Advertising” and “Social Media Marketing” to small and medium sized businesses.

He was doing well (relatively), and had a consistent and stable income in his business each month.

Unfortunately, he noticed the market place expanding rapidly over the past couple years or so, and felt a ton of pressure to have to compete and sell on price.

Every time he would speak to potential clients, and mention his “SEO Services” he would hear from the client that he was “very expensive” and “someone else could do it cheaper.” While he was still able to close business, he often had to offer a price reduction or an increase in services (and therefore an increase in time) to wrap up the deal.

He felt more and more like he was in a race to the bottom and instead of being able to raise his prices, he was actually thinking about dropping them (huge, massive mistake).

Long story short, after working with this client is my Premium Clients Every Day program, we were able to quickly move him completely away from selling “services” and “needing to discount his offerings” in order to bring on new clients.

What we did is, we took the most impactful services that he currently offered (SEO, PPC, Content, Social) and created a proprietary group coaching program made up of all of his most impactful services, strategies and outcomes.

We then “named the program” and broke it down into eight weekly “milestones” that, if completed correctly, would yield an incredible result for the client, every time.

So, instead of selling individual services based on the clients needs and requests, he now sells a proprietary, group coaching program that delivers a SET OUTCOME to each new client that comes on board.

What did this do for his business?

Instead of needing to “discount his services” and “lower his prices” to bring on new clients, we were able to double his pricing and triple his closing percentage just by transitioning over to a proprietary program based around a massive result.

Now that my client sells a proprietary, group coaching program in his business, he no longer has to compete on price, offer discounts or struggle to bring on clients.

When he speaks to a new potential client, he no longer sells “SEO” and “marketing services” but, instead sells his completely proprietary program which clients cannot compare to anything else in the marketplace.

This concept is incredibly valuable and is the difference between competing on price constantly, and, never having to compete on price again.

I hope this makes sense, as it is the single biggest difference between creating a massive, successful business that you love, and “running the rat race” trying to sell the same stuff to the same people at a massive discount.

Summary: Never sell services. Create proprietary, group coaching programs that deliver a consistent, and set client result.

Action Steps:

  1. Create a proprietary, group coaching program made up of your best and most impactful services and outcomes.
  2. Name the program something specific that can only be attributed to what you do and cannot be compared to anything else.
  3. Sell the program at a premium price based on the incredible outcome and value that your program brings.
  4. Build a massive business where you never have to compete on price, devalue your offerings or compete with other service providers again.
  5. Enjoy your business, your life and build an incredible future for your family and friends.