No More Dollars For Time: Start Building Leverage Today

No More Dollars For Time: Start Building Leverage Today

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A big, big misconception in the consulting and coaching industry is that to get amazing client results, you have to work 1-on-1 and spend a ton of time.

Let's say for example you're a high end fitness consultant who charges $100 per hour to see clients.

You're amazing at what you do, and you're booked solid throughout the week with motivated clients who rave about the results they get with you.

It seems like all is going great!

You're working 50 hours per week, making $5,000.00 and spending all of your time working inside of your business.

Most people will consider that good money. But, at what cost is it coming?

You will have no time to work on and grow your business and very little free time.

Eventually, you'll burn out and realize that the work load you've built for yourself is just not sustainable.

Unfortunately, your decision to charge per hour for your services immediately destroys your scalability, and will eventually lead to overwhelm in your business.

While this is a very common problem I see on a daily basis, it simply does not have to be this way for you.

Imagine for a second if instead of working with clients 1-on-1 and trading your time for dollars, you created a high impact, 8 week fitness program and enrolled clients into the program in groups.

Then, over the next 8 weeks, you :

  • Focus on the ONE problem you're solving for your clients and break the solution down into a series of milestones- Pretend you're still the fitness coach. The MAIN problem that you'll be solving for your client's is their lack of activity and poor exercise habits. But, to solve that problem, you know that your clients will have to hit multiple milestones before they can achieve their fitness goals. Focus on these milestones and use them to structure your program.
  • Build out a group coaching program where you teach one milestone over 6-12 weeks- Every week teach your clients ONE milestone in a group setting. Build out a members only area where you drip feed your weekly milestone lesson.
  • Run a weekly Q&A call with your clients- A day or so after you teach your group lesson for the week, schedule a group question and answer session with your members. These sessions will keep your clients motivated, and allow them to get answers and clarity that they didn't know they had previously.
  • Keep you group thriving and accountable- Hold your clients responsible for a weekly “homework assignment” or milestone that they must send over to you. Better yet, start a private Facebook group where your clients can interact with and motivate each other.

A highly structured, results oriented group program like this will get superior results for your clients 9 times out of 10.

Your clients will get much better results because the group dynamic will force them to stay motivated, work hard and be held accountable for their own success.

Your business and family will thrive because you'll multiply your income and achieve true scalability in your business.

Summary: Trading your time for dollars does not allow you to build a sustainable, leveraged business. Instead, create a group coaching program that will get your clients better results while multiplying your income and time.

Action Steps:

  1. Stop working with clients 1-on-1 and stop trading your time for dollars.
  2. Create a group coaching program of your most impactful and transformative services.
  3. Enroll clients into this group program at a premium price point that reflects the incredible value you'll deliver.
  4. Multiply your income, time and future business prospects.