Strategy Sessions = High Ticket Sales

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Short post today, but, it's something that has been coming up a lot recently and I wanted to make my thoughts on strategy sessions as clear as possible in a blog.

Very successful coaches and consultants (7 and 8 figure business owners) all have one thing in common. Their business model relies on enrolling clients into their group programs over the phone during scheduled strategy sessions.

So, what does this mean for you and your business?

It means that if you're not currently scheduling and conducting strategy sessions with potential clients, you need to start building out that funnel ASAP. If you are already doing strategy sessions with clients, great work, but, there is always rooms for improvement and even a small increase in your enrollment percentage will have a multiplier effect on your bottom line.

Do I have to do strategy sessions in my coaching or consulting business?


Can't I just send my traffic to an online payment form??


Unless you have massive, “guru style” social clout, or an incredible amount of built in credibility, it will be almost impossible to sell high ticket offers by pushing your potential clients to a check out cart.

Want to waste a ton of money? Create a high ticket marketing funnel and try to convert a $3,000.00 back end offer by sending your prospects to a check out cart. It's not going to work.

You have to be doing, and getting good at, conducting strategy sessions in your business if you want to enroll high ticket clients into your coaching and consulting programs.

A strategy session call if done right, ends up being a great experience for both parties.

You get to speak with your potential client and quickly figure out their specific situation, enthusiasm level and overall likeability.

They get to speak with you and understand how your specific solution will completely overcome their current problem, and how much better things will be for them after working with you.

Once you get really good at your sessions, and you're completely comfortable with your process, speaking to potential clients over the phone becomes a breeze where you're bouncing the tennis ball and feeling 100% comfortable with where you're at.

If you have a strategy session process that you consistently use to guide your clients from prospect to client, your business will explode and you'll be able to choose exactly who you want to work with.

Your clients will get to understand you and your solution a lot better, and you'll drastically reduce the number of problem clients in your business.

Bottom Line: If you want to create and sell premium coaching and consulting programs in your business, you have to get really good at conducting strategy sessions over the phone.

Actions Steps: If you're not currently speaking to potential high ticket coaching or consulting clients over the phone using a specific, well thought out strategy session process, you're leaving a ton of money on the table and you're probably not bringing as many clients into your business as you should be. Immediately build out your premium strategy session marketing funnel and start getting reps over the phone.