Three Things To Get Right In Your Coaching Business

Get These Three Things Right In Your Business & You’re Good

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Unfortunately, when you run a business as a coach, consultant, or high value service provider it’s often overwhelming to deal with the many options that you feel like you, “should be trying” to grow new business and market your company. In 2016 there are a thousand different strategies to try, ebooks to consume, systems to learn and just a general …

Business owner or freelancer

Are You A Business Owner Or A Freelancer?

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As a coach, consultant or high value service provider it’s often necessary, and usually helpful, to take a step back and analyze your business from a top level perspective from time to time. The question I always like to ask myself, and the question that helped me build my business, is “Am I acting like a business owner, or a freelancer?” …

Income Goals

What’s The “True Cost” Of Not Hitting Your Income Goals?

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And…We’re closing in on the second half of the year! Six more months, twenty four more weeks, one-hundred and eighty (roughly) more days to hit your goals for 2016. Wow, not sure about you guys, and not trying to be cliche, but, this year has really been flying by in my business. It feels like just yesterday I was pumping …

Business Entails Risk

Business Entails Risk- You Have To Go For It!

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By its very nature, business entails risk, and therefore the potential for great reward. In business, as in life, those that take calculated, well thought out risks around proven outcomes are always going to be much more successful compared to those that do not. It’s simply not possible to build a life changing, high value business for the long term without taking …

Streamlining your business

Keeping Things Simple In Your Business Vs. Cutting Corners In Your Business

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Do you ever find yourself “making things difficult” in your business? Are there times when you look at your business, your marketing funnel, your new client generation process, your marketing activities, or your sales strategy and just get plain overwhelmed and want to shut down? Or, be honest, do you sometimes even get confused about how your own sales and marketing …

Strategy session calls.

Enrolling High Ticket Clients Over The Phone Is The Key

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There’s only one simple, but life changing core concept I want to get across today regarding Strategy Session phone calls in your business. The key difference between a good business, and a life changing, 50K+ per month business, is your ability to enroll high ticket clients into your programs over the phone. That’s it. Nothing else. That’s the most important and …