two rules

Two Important Rules That The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Follow

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Today’s post is definitely one that hits home for me personally and these concepts are incredibly important to becoming extremely successful in your business. Sometimes, mindset really is everything. The wrong mindset can crush your success (I see it all the time) and the right mindset can accelerate your success incredibly quickly (I’m proof of this). Here are two very …

Stop selling services

Stop Selling Low Value Services And Start Selling High Value Programs!

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One of the most important things to focus on when you’re taking your business to the next level is to create and sell Premium, High Value Programs that deliver incredible client results and provide complete solutions based on your clients biggest problem. Yes, a long sentence, I know, but, a fairly simple concept. What this means is that you need to move away from selling …

Premium Prices

Why Premium Prices Attract Premium Clients

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One of the great “natural laws” of business that must be understood and respected is that premium prices attract premium clients and low prices attract low quality clients. If you really think about it, this dynamic applies to almost every consumer and business purchase, from automobiles, to dining options, to business and consulting programs and services. Your best, most qualified …

Advertising Profit

You Build Wealth By Turning Advertising Into Profit

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You build wealth by turning advertising into profit. You build wealth by turning advertising into profit. That short sentence is so important that I had to type it twice and I even recommend saying it out loud a couple of times. Understanding this simple concept can absolutely change your life and quickly multiply your business. If you’re consistently able to …

Don't Take On Every Client

Why You Should NOT Take On Every Client Who Wants To Work With You

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A lot of consultants, coaches and high value entrepreneurs are of the opinion that they should accept every new client that wants to work with them. On the surface, this seems like a solid strategy. You have a potential paying client that is ready to work with you and they want to pay you for that work. Win, Win. Right? …

Do You Run Your Business Or Do Your Clients?

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Have you ever stopped and thought about who really runs your business? Is it you? Or, is it your clients? If you’re not quite sure, answering some of these questions should help clear it up. Do you wake up in the morning ready to attack your core business tasks, only to have your day thrown into confusion by client emails, phone calls …