It’s Always About Helping Your Clients Get Amazing Results!

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Quick concept video today discussing why it’s ALWAYS about your clients and the awesome outcomes they get from working with you. When you begin to think about growing your business in terms of “helping as many people as possible get great results” and not “I want to grow for my own personal benefit” you’ll start to experience true win wins …

Solve One Problem

Solve One Major Client Problem & Ignore Everything Else!

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Too many entrepreneurs try to be too many things for too many different people. Wow, that was a lot of “too’s” right (I hope I used them all correctly)? Either way, the absolute key to becoming wildly successful and in demand as a coach or consultant is to focus on alleviating one massive problem for one specific group of people. Read …

Per New Client Call

How Much Can You Pay Per New Client Call?

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If you’re a high value service entrepreneur, coach or consultant who’s looking to grow and scale your business, the only question that matters is how much you can afford to pay per new client call. Everything else is just noise and distraction, as this is the main metric you should be keeping track of each week in your business. If you don’t currently know …