Premium Pricing

I’ve Built My Business Around Premium Pricing & Big Time Client Results

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In the Internet Marketing world, in the business world and especially in the world of a digital marketing consultant, things move really, REALLY fast! Every day it seems that there is a new “trick,” strategy or technique to bring on new clients and grow your business. Everyone is promising something and there is an absolute ton of stuff out there …

One Client Per Week

Do You Bring On At Least One New High Value Client Per Week?

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In your coaching, consulting or high value services business you should aim to bring on one new high value client every single week, at the very minimum. The first thing you need in order to bring on at least one new high value client every week in your business, is an advertising and marketing system that will deliver strategy session call applications …

Set big business goals

Set Big Goals In Your Business & Hit Them!

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One of the first things I work with my Premium Clients Every Day students on immediately after they enroll is to set a big and seemingly “unachievable” short term income goal for their business. If you’re going to be in business anyway, you might as well set your income goals high and build out a plan to try to hit those goals …

Income Goals

What’s The “True Cost” Of Not Hitting Your Income Goals?

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And…We’re closing in on the second half of the year! Six more months, twenty four more weeks, one-hundred and eighty (roughly) more days to hit your goals for 2016. Wow, not sure about you guys, and not trying to be cliche, but, this year has really been flying by in my business. It feels like just yesterday I was pumping …

Stop selling services

Stop Selling Low Value Services And Start Selling High Value Programs!

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One of the most important things to focus on when you’re taking your business to the next level is to create and sell Premium, High Value Programs that deliver incredible client results and provide complete solutions based on your clients biggest problem. Yes, a long sentence, I know, but, a fairly simple concept. What this means is that you need to move away from selling …

Premium Prices

Why Premium Prices Attract Premium Clients

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One of the great “natural laws” of business that must be understood and respected is that premium prices attract premium clients and low prices attract low quality clients. If you really think about it, this dynamic applies to almost every consumer and business purchase, from automobiles, to dining options, to business and consulting programs and services. Your best, most qualified …

How Much Per Application

How Much Do You Pay Per New Client Application?

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I love to keep things simple in my life and especially in my business. Most times, I’ve found that the complex and, “advanced” is really just unnecessary and confusing. Especially when it comes to online marketing and advertising. Keeping with that theme, there are only a few key metrics that I actively monitor and look to optimize in my business. …