Get One Thing Really Right

Get The Right Things Right & Ignore The Rest

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In business and in life it’s absolutely crucial to get the right things right, and to ignore/repel everything else. There is SO much noise and confusion out there, that I honestly don’t blame anyone that feels overwhelmed or confused about what exactly to do. Getting “the right things right” in your business means figuring out how you’re going to attract …

Complete Systems

Monday Motivation: Give Your Clients EVERYTHING You’ve Got!

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You owe it to your clients to give them incredible value and to include everything your system or program has to offer, with absolutely nothing left out. Stop selling, “one off services” and “quick fixes” and start enrolling clients in your most transformative and impactful programs that are proven to deliver incredible outcomes. You don’t have an incredibly impactful program built out yet? …

No Pain No Gain

It’s Not Going To Be Easy… Ya Get What Ya Give

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Just pumped out a ridiculous workout and during it my trainer yelled out, “No Pain, No Gain!!” This got me thinking about business a little bit (yea, I’m a weird dude) and it got me fired up to rant about this important concept. When it comes to fitness and working out, it’s pretty much a concrete fact that you “get out what you …

What Happens If Your Business Triples Next Week?

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If you were to triple your business revenue (or more) next week, could your business handle it, or would your business fold up like a cheap tent? Be 100% honest with yourself. Would you be able to deliver an outstanding outcome to all of your new clients, while simultaneously managing all of the other aspects of your business? If the answer …

One Client Per Week

Do You Bring On At Least One New High Value Client Per Week?

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In your coaching, consulting or high value services business you should aim to bring on one new high value client every single week, at the very minimum. The first thing you need in order to bring on at least one new high value client every week in your business, is an advertising and marketing system that will deliver strategy session call applications …

Set big business goals

Set Big Goals In Your Business & Hit Them!

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One of the first things I work with my Premium Clients Every Day students on immediately after they enroll is to set a big and seemingly “unachievable” short term income goal for their business. If you’re going to be in business anyway, you might as well set your income goals high and build out a plan to try to hit those goals …

Number Of Calls Conducted

The Only Metric I Care About Is Number Of Calls Conducted

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If you follow the “online marketing gurus” or try to stay current and informed on what metrics you supposedly should be testing and improving in your business, your head may just spin off onto the floor and I don’t blame you. Every day I see an “online expert” talking about the “most important metrics in your business NOW” or “what you need to …

Get Incredible Client Results

It’s Not About You, It’s About Getting Incredible Client Results!

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As a coach, consultant or high value service entrepreneur, you need to be crystal clear on exactly why your ideal clients want to work with you. It’s not because of who you are, your personality or anything at all to do with you or your business. Your ideal clients want to work with you strictly because they believe you can provide …