Premium Entrepreneur

Premium Programs Require HUGE Client Value

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I talk a lot in this space about making sure you’re a “premium” or “high value” entrepreneur who delivers incredible client results and charges according to the life changing transformation that your program delivers. But, what exactly does this mean? For me, it makes perfect sense, as I live and coach these concepts every day, but I’ve had a number of my …

Three Things To Get Right In Your Coaching Business

Get These Three Things Right In Your Business & You’re Good

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Unfortunately, when you run a business as a coach, consultant, or high value service provider it’s often overwhelming to deal with the many options that you feel like you, “should be trying” to grow new business and market your company. In 2016 there are a thousand different strategies to try, ebooks to consume, systems to learn and just a general …

Business owner or freelancer

Are You A Business Owner Or A Freelancer?

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As a coach, consultant or high value service provider it’s often necessary, and usually helpful, to take a step back and analyze your business from a top level perspective from time to time. The question I always like to ask myself, and the question that helped me build my business, is “Am I acting like a business owner, or a freelancer?” …