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Two Important Rules That The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Follow

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Today's post is definitely one that hits home for me personally and these concepts are incredibly important to becoming extremely successful in your business.

Sometimes, mindset really is everything. The wrong mindset can crush your success (I see it all the time) and the right mindset can accelerate your success incredibly quickly (I'm proof of this).

Here are two very important rules that most extremely successful entrepreneurs follow to a T, and you should follow in your business and life.

1. They NEVER Give Up

Yea, it sounds obvious and kind of cheesy, but it's 100% true. Most people, and therefore most entrepreneurs, are quitters! When times get tough, or things get the least bit “hard” or “confusing” most people will give up and shut down. The path to true wealth and freedom as an entrepreneur is never smooth for anyone. There will be trials and tribulations. The difference between extremely successful entrepreneurs and everyone else, is that they never give up, no matter what. Every set back is a learning opportunity. Any time things get tough or don't work out, it's another chance for them to get it right. And guess what. When you have this “never give up” and “nothing can stop me” mentality, things DO work out, and you DO end up getting it right and hitting your goals. When you have a “this doesn't work” or “this is too hard” mentality, things NEVER will work out and you will always end up failing and complaining.

2. They Know They Have To Pay To Play. One Way Or Another.

Extremely successful, high value entrepreneurs know that they will pay one way or another for the value that they want. What I mean, is that they know that they will either pay with money for a faster result and proven plan. Or, they will pay with time, overwhelm and trial and error by attempting to learn and trouble shoot the solution themselves. This is the mentality and mindset that truly separates successful, high value entrepreneurs from everyone else. Most people will try to “learn it themselves” or think that it's “easy to figure out” instead of paying for a high value, high results solution. Building a high value, big time business will cost you one way or another. You'll either pay in time and frustration, or money. In exchange for money, you get speed and a proven plan. Myself personally, I'd rather spend money every single time in order to gain speed, clarity and a proven outcome. There is no short cut to this, it's one or the other.

Summary: There are two rules that all successful entrepreneurs follow. 1) They never ever give up and 2) They know they have to pay for big results, either in money or time and overwhelm.

Action Steps: 

  1. Never give up, ever.
  2. Fight for everything you get and look at disappointment as a true learning experience.
  3. Pay for proven results and speed.
  4. Don't try to do everything on your own.