Want Incredible Results, Fast? Get A Mentor.

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If you want to get incredible results quickly in your business, then there is only one way to go. Invest in a mentor who guarantees a specific result around a proven system.

Occasionally, I speak to potential clients who are, “figuring it out themselves.” Or, they are “just looking for some free help.”

Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's not possible to reverse engineer a business system for yourself, but, I will tell you with 100% certainty that the vast majority of business owners will never get the result they're looking for, and will spend a ton of wasted time and money trying to get there.

How do I know this to be 100% true? Well, on top of the fact that I see it almost every day, I lived it for 2+ years!

When I first started out attempting to grow and launch my coaching business, I was of the opinion that anything I needed to set up and learn, could be mastered through a combination of trial and error, along with some good old fashioned learning.

Man, was I wrong… Not only did it take me literally two years of wasted time, a ton of wasted money, and very little results, but it also left me discouraged, overwhelmed and increasingly negative.

Trust me, these are not the feelings that you want to have when you're attempting to launch a high end coaching business.

After 700+ days (no exaggeration) of trying to “do things myself” I ended up biting the bullet and hired a high end, proven business coach to help me hit my goals.

While the program was a “lot of money” and definitely something that I was hesitant to pull the trigger on, guess what happened?

Within eight weeks, I had made back double what I invested in the program, and those eight weeks of intense, hardcore coaching literally set my business up for where I am today, four years later.

So, yea, this is not the topic where I need to give you five examples and ramble on, so I'll go ahead and cut it off here.

Summary: Invest in a premium, high end business coach and mentor who will guarantee your results.

Action Steps:

  1. Find a business coach and mentor who has gotten incredible results by implementing a specific, proven system that is geared towards your exact niche.
  2. Take the plunge. Hire the coach or mentor and be ready to work extremely hard and smart to implement the program.
  3. Don't make excuses, expect everything done for you and get cold feet after you sign up.
  4. Work the program exactly as it is set up, and use the resources available to 100% of their capacity.
  5. Get incredible results and move your business forward for years to come.

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