How I Help

I Can Help You Multiply Your Client Business While Scaling Your Time & Lifestyle

If you want to create and sell a signature, high ticket program in your business, charge a premium price for the massive value you bring to your clients and build a 24/7 sales funnel so that your ideal clients come to YOU (rather than constantly trying to get in contact with them) then you’ve definitely come to the correct place.

I’m Brian Giardino, and I’m the creator of the VIP Accelerator Consulting program for coaches, consultants, thought leaders and high value service pros.

For the past 8+ years, I’ve been coaching, consulting & partnering with entrepreneurs all across the world as the founder of the Digital Consulting Company, BFG Digital LLC.

Over this time period, I’ve been fortunate to work with entrepreneurs in every coaching & consulting niche imaginable and it’s become increasingly obvious that the most successful entrepreneurs all have the exact same business systems in place.

Right now, if you’re not getting the results you want in your business, you can be almost certain it’s because you’re missing one or more of the following key ingredients:

  • A proven and duplicable system for turning cold leads into paying clients each month
  • Superior positioning that instantly elevates you to a category of just one when your prospects look at you
  • A proven client conversion system that effortlessly pre-sells your prospects before you speak with them
  • An extremely tailored and specific message that attracts only your best clients’ and repels the bad ones
  • A high ticket coaching program that gets incredible results for your clients’ and maximizes your time

You simply cannot grow your business at scale unless you have ALL of these items setup and dialed in correctly.

If you want to stop trading time for dollars, working with low quality clients, not getting paid what you know you’re worth and never really knowing how much you’ll make next month, then fixing these issues is your number one priority and doing anything else before you fix these problems is a waste of time and hard dollars.

By implementing my proven, VIP Accelerator strategies in your business you’ll never again struggle with:

  • Being seen as “just another business” in your marketplace and having to directly compete with others on price and services…
  • Feeling like you’ve reached a plateau and being stuck at your current income level and work load level…
  • Wanting to charge higher fees but being forced to compete on price because you’re a comparable business…
  • Needing the ability to convince, persuade, and be pushy on sales calls in order to hit your numbers every month…
  • Halted and unpredictable business growth due to staggered monthly sales…
  • Having to spend more money and time on advertising to get just a handful of low quality clients…
  • Wasting time on lots of low quality sales calls due to your low conversion rate and lead quality…
  • Spending 80 hours per week on your business just to get by…

…and I could go on an on with all of the problems implementing my proven VIP Accelerator system cures.

But let’s get back to focusing on what you actually want and deserve in your business.

Because the truth is, if you’re already enrolling clients into a service or program that works, and your business is making a decent profit every month… then you’re already 90% of the way there.

Once we improve and fix your broken marketing, while building out your leveraged premium offer to really multiply your revenue, you’ll immediately start getting the kind of results that quickly turn a good coaching or consulting business into a life changing company.

Because I offer such an impactful and unique business multiplication program, and back it with an unheard of industry guarantee, I can only work with entrepreneurs who are 100% motivated and willing to work relentlessly for their results.

If that sounds something like yourself, then I could be a good fit to help you reach your income goals and multiply your business profit in 2020.

The first step is to check out my VIP Accelerator offer and see if you qualify to work together on your business goals.