VIP Accelerator Consulting Sessions

1-on-1 VIP Accelerator Consulting Sessions With Brian Giardino

Who’s It For? The ambitious and extremely motivated entrepreneur who is already running a successful business and wants to work with me 1-on-1 to get 100% clear on how to dominate their niche online for the long term.

Offer Status? I’m currently scheduling 45 minute Zoom Conference Call sessions with extremely hungry entrepreneurs who are already getting incredible results for their clients on Tuesday and Thursday in 2020.

Do You Qualify? If you would like to work with me privately, and receive the highest level of consulting that I offer, then this offer is your opportunity. This offer is not for most business owners, and to move forward with this program, there are a few qualification that you have to meet.

This 1-on-1 “Done-With-You” level of consulting is only available for the motivated entrepreneur who is already in business and doing well.

This is not for people who are just starting out, business owners without much revenue, or those that don’t believe in investing in their business.

These are intensive, custom designed 45 sessions of working with me personally, breaking down the exact steps necessary to build and position your business online for rapid growth, while helping simplify and refine your current work levels to reduce fatigue, burnout and overwhelm.

These sessions are perfect for the ambitious entrepreneur who is committed to making 2020 their absolute best year yet.

I’m talking strictly about people who want to multiply their business revenue ASAP, and have the resources, commitment, focus and drive to make it happen.

By the end of us working together, you’ll have a business primed and ready to experience rapid growth online, and you’ll have the blueprint and clarity to take your business to the next level for many years to come.

How Brian Has Helped Previous Clients

I’ve helped clients overcome a wide variety of challenges, including:

  • Creating a simple, proprietary business model that increases sales, while reducing overwhelm.
  • Finding hidden profits lurking in your business, without the need to spend more on advertising.
  • Re-working marketing materials to make them more magnetic to your target audience.
  • Re-writing sales copy to increase conversions and sales.
  • Sales funnel reviews to multiply your client value at the point of sale.
  • Creating Facebook Ads and building complete, scalable advertising campaigns.
  • Writing sales scripts for selling high ticket programs over the phone.

These consulting sessions are geared toward explosive revenue growth and this is the only level of 1-on-1 consulting currently available.

How to Move Forward

This program is perfect for those who want to grow their business quickly by partnering with someone who’s done this dozens of times before and eats/breathes this stuff every single day.

This level of 1-on-1 consulting is only available to extremely qualified clients and is not for everyone.

But, for the business owner who is looking for explosive digital growth in 2020 & is willing to work extremely hard for it by investing in themselves and their business… this could be the perfect fit.

A maximum of eight 45 minute VIP slots are available each week on Tuesday and Thursday and you will be able to select a time that works best for us to meet on those days.

If you’ve gotten to this point and you’re fired up… saying to yourself, “this is exactly what I need” then follow the 3 steps below to get started!

  1. Schedule and pay for your VIP Accelerator Session by clicking here to access our secure VIP Accelerator Calendar
  2. Once your session is paid for, you’ll be automatically redirected to our VIP Accelerator Questionnaire
  3. Fill out the questionnaire to help me get super clear and prepared for our session

At that point you’re good to go and your only work is to show up for our call super focused, fired up, on time and ready to GO!

If you’re serious about making 2020 your best business year yet and you’re 100% in on working incredibly hard for your success… then I guarantee that partnering with me will multiply your results and speed up your success timeline significantly.

Click Here to schedule your session and we’ll hit the ground running and NEVER look back.